Break the Internet Blockade and Send the Truth to Every Family


PureInsight | August 4, 2003

[] When we break the Internet blockade, we are negating the old forces' arrangements and providing a convenient way to completely clarify the truth. When we can break the blockade, our media will be able to truly do its job of exposing the lies from various angles.

I. Work with All Sides to Push Forward the Breaking of the Internet Blockade

In the past two years, we have accumulated many experiences, and have established a set of networking systems that cannot be blocked. Besides further improving our systems, I feel that we urgently need to promote it and use it.

One day, a practitioner called me and asked me how to let a Mainlander see the website for rescuing Charles. I gave her a URL. The incident made me to think that since she knows me, she thought about asking me when she has a problem. Then what about others? We have done so much work, and have developed so much excellent software and tools. But how many people know about it and how to use it? On one hand, there are many Chinese who don't believe the outside world is really wonderful, because their minds have been suppressed by the old forces. On the other hand, there are many people who have never heard of such things as breaking the Internet blockade, not to mention knowing how to break the blockade.

Our goal of breaking the internet blockade is to let people see the truth, especially our media. At the same time, we can also use the media to help us promote the methods of breaking the blockade. Master has mentioned many times to us that the Chinese people who are living abroad have countless ties with Mainland China. In the past, whenever I heard Master say so, I would think, "Umm, those practitioners on the media team and those who distribute materials should work harder." But recently, I started to think, if all Chinese living aboard know there is such a thing as breaking the Internet blockade, they would promote us and introduce our tools to their families and friends in China. We can continuously publish some small articles on breaking the blockade in The Epoch Times. Over time, our practitioners will read these articles, and ordinary people will read them too. In a short time, everybody will know what breaking the Internet blockade is, and how to break it. Our radio and TV can all help us with spreading the word.

The practitioners on the media teams have worked really hard. We have put in lots of people, materials, and money. But many practitioners don't even know how to let the Mainlanders see our websites from inside China. And many practitioners on the phone team don't know how to view the Fawanghuihui net, and the website for the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong, for example. Remember that Master told us many times that the Chinese people who are living abroad have countless ties with Mainland China. So every practitioner is obligated to help his own friends and family in China to see our websites. If we can help the Mainland people to see our media in time, and become familiar with the treasure trove of information, I believe it would be one of the best things we could do for Fa-rectification.

We have many practitioners who mail the truth VCD's to China. If we have a small video that teaches people to break the Internet blockade, we can include the video as part of the truth VCD. Through this multimedia effort, the video program could gradually guide people to learn to break the blockade. Then, those who understand the truth after viewing our videos that clarify the truth, can find a way to get more true information themselves. And those who still have questions will know where to find their answers.

Similarly, we can add a line or two in our faxes to tell people where to find the latest news and truth that one cannot see from inside China. We have bulletin boards that help to provide information. We can add a special area for people to get the latest information on breaking the blockade. If every practitioner knew how to get onto our websites from inside China, or at least know where and how to find such information, our results in clarifying the truth would improve tremendously.

Nothing that we do today can be left out. If every practitioner pays enough attention to breaking the Internet blockade, uses righteous thoughts to face the difficulties, then the technical difficulties will be nothing.

II. Clarify the Truth to the Western World, and Completely Expose the Evilness of the Internet Blockade.

I used to think that clarifying the truth to the western world is a different direction from our breaking the Internet blockade. When I was able to see from the bigger picture, I could see that we are just different parts in the same body. When talking about how to improve our clarifying the facts to the governments and media in Europe, Master said, "Many European countries have talked to them about the Falun Gong issue, but the world's people don't know. If there's no pressure from the international community the wicked regime doesn't care. And so in the absence of pressure from public opinion, the persecution of Falun Gong has gotten even more rampant and out of control." ("From Lecturing on and Explaining the Fa
at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference")

Evil has put a huge effort in blocking the Internet. In fact, without the financial and technical help from the western world, the Internet blockade would not exist at all. For instance, the Golden Shield project of China's Public Security Bureau, which is to establish a digital monitoring system across the whole country, is primarily supported by Nortel both financially and technically. In China, 80% of the routers and firewalls are Cisco products. And companies like Yahoo, and AOL have signed the Public Pledge on Self-Discipline for China's Internet Industry. These companies will filter, censor, and monitor the web content. All of these are public secrets. Master has repeatedly stated, "Wherever a problem arises, that's where you need to clarify the facts." (From 'Lecturing on and Explaining the Faat the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference") The western capitalists and companies are supporting the evil because they want to gain more profit. If we don't clarify the truth to them, they will have a very sad future. Many human rights groups have criticized these companies. But Dafa disciples are the main body in the Fa-rectification period. If we want to correct the situation, we Dafa disciples have to do it and clarify the truth to them. At "Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia, U.S.A," Master said, "Now it's a matter of how you can do even better and in a more refined way the things that now need to be done. Since you're Dafa disciples, you shouldn't put your hopes in so-called 'natural' changes, external changes, changes in the ordinary society, or in some favors that someone might do for us."

At the same time, if we can systematically sort out how the evil blocks the internet, and expose them again and again to the western media, everybody in the world and all the governments will be able to understand better how evil it is. This way, we are breaking the old forces' arrangements. Freedom of speech and human rights are the foundation for the western countries. They are also the starting point of our clarifying the truth to the western countries. Thus, we could expose the evil regime's suppression of the freedom of speech and blocking the freedom of information using hi-tech as one of the focuses of our clarifying the truth. At the same time, when we use real numbers to expose the evil's blocking the Internet, we can even better clarify the facts about tapping into local television broadcasting.

Because China blocked the information about SARS, many western countries have been harmed and feel very disgusted by it. We can grasp this chance to tell the western world that the internet blockade is not merely a problem for the Chinese, and that it is vitally important to the all the people around the world.

Master told us at "Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Midwest-U.S. Fa Conference," "Bringing out people's good ideas and cooperating with each other with care is the right thing to do. And especially when it comes to doing certain things as a whole you should cooperate with each other even better. It's just like bringing that evil, head scoundrel to court this time, it requires everyone's cooperation, and you have voices echoing from all around the world." Same thing, if we have voices echoing from all around the world condemning the Internet blockade, the evil will be scared to death.

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