Nothing Can Defeat Righteous Forces: Hundreds of Thousands of Hong Kong Citizens March Against Article 23

Zheng Yang

PureInsight | July 14, 2003

[] Instead of celebrating the sixth anniversary of Hong Kong's hand-over to Mainland China on July 1, 2003, hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong citizens took to the streets, strongly protesting the proposed Article 23 legislation sponsored by Hong Kong's government. The number of participants in this campaign, the largest gathering since the Tiananmen Massacre in 1989, is a magnificent feat in the ongoing saga of China's civilization. The Hong Kong puppet government, headed by Tung Chee Hwa, violated public opinion and went against the Hong Kong citizens' will. Nothing is more convincing than this campaign to show people's resistance and disgust.

The Chinese people went through a long history that marked them with a cultural stigma people call "obeying lordliness." Furthermore, people's fear and powerlessness towards tyranny and the brutal crackdown of the CCP in the past half century gave more clout to this label. But this campaign of hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong citizens demonstrated the power of people and indicated that righteous force cannot be defeated. After all, Hong Kong is not fully under the control of Mainland China. Although the CCP tried to enforce its censorship over newspapers and other media, which has been in effect in Mainland China for many years and, therefore, was almost total, people know what freedom is. State-run brainwashing and propaganda systems, gaining control over much of the Hong Kong media by means of intimidation and subornation, all fostered by entities in Mainland China, do not delude the Hong Kong people, who are capable of making a clear distinction between right and wrong. As it turned out, once the Hong Kong people knew the truth that their own government ignored their will, by-passed the legal legislative process and forced Article 23 on them, they stood up without hesitation for the sake of truth and justice.

This protest campaign overcame the obstruction from Hong Kong's Tung puppet administration and numerous interest groups in Hong Kong affiliated with the CCP, which made it a most significant and hard-won victory. Groups affiliated with the CCP not only ran their propaganda machine at full tilt, but also made use of malicious means, such as invoking administrative power, intimidation and the lure of rewards to stop the protest campaign. For example, Tung invited some well-known pop and movie stars to dinner and induced them to announce publicly that they were against this campaign. But the number of participants indicated that most people did not yield to this kind of intimidation and enticements from the Hong Kong government. They stood up for themselves and for the future of Hong Kong. This is the righteous force displayed by people who know the truth.

Of course, Tung, who dutifully followed CCP dictator Jiang's line of thought will probably choose to ignore public opinion again and proceed further down the dead-end road of betraying his people. This was clearly demonstrated by what he did after the reunion of Hong Kong with Mainland China.

In 2002, ignoring pressure from the international community and the media, the Hong Kong government detained and fined Falun Gong practitioners who staged a peaceful protest. The authorities levied ridiculous charges in order to please Tung and conform to Jiang's orders. Tung's deeds damaged Hong Kong's image and her judicial system, an indication that his administration was not for the people. Then Hong Kong's image went down even further. First, there was an outbreak of Avian Influenza, followed by swine plague, SARS and a severe economic downturn. Now, six year after the reunion, the situation is getting even worse. Does all this tell us something? Compared to the prosperity that reigned when Hong Kong was still part of the UK, the past six years of rule under the CCP disappoints every Chinese who loves China. If gods really exists, are those natural and man-made disasters Hong Kong suffered in the past six years reactions and warnings as a result of various wrong deeds for which the Hong Kong government is responsible?

The CCP's response towards such a strong objection is the usual. It blocked all information channels, including cutting off of internationally respected media, and tried to isolate the campaign from the international community and especially the Chinese people. On the other hand, it comforted Hong Kong citizens with honeyed words, to fool some naïve and kind people while accelerating its evildoings. Hong Kong citizens should be clear-headed in this situation and keep in mind that only they can save themselves.

As long as the Hong Kong people stick to truth and justice and keep resisting Hong Kong's dictatorial government, they will prevail. All governments and people around the world who advocate justice are looking at Hong Kong. Righteous forces have never existed in isolation. Although sometimes justice is challenged, it is the basis by which all human beings live. If all righteous forces in the world unite into a tremendous force, such a force would be irresistible and able to destroy all evil.

Nothing happens by accident. Why does the CCP risk its own image by breaking its promise of "One country, two systems," which is like gambling on a long shot? Why does the CCP risk the future of 6.8 million Hong Kong citizens and the reputation of the whole country, only to promote fervently the evil Article 23? What makes the CCP so desperate that it would bankrupt its own territory? What compels the CCP into such a dangerous struggle?

The reason sound incredible. It stems from the fear of the evil head of the CCP, Jiang Zemin. More incredibly, he fears those Falun Gong practitioners who strictly follow the principle of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance." The people of the world have seen the effects of Jiang's jealousy in his evil crackdown against Falun Gong. His malicious deeds have been exposed worldwide.

Hong Kong is a democratic city and its people know the tricks Jiang's political gang plays. They knew the beauty of Falun Gong from the very beginning. This infuriates the Beijing clown!

At the end of last year, Falun Gong practitioners from several countries around the world sued Jiang for genocide. His evil nature could be completely exposed, which made him desperate. A wicked person is sure to bring on his own destruction. He knows his days are numbered, but he is not reconciled to his destiny. That is why Article 23 came about.

The Hong Kong people, though, know what is right and what is wrong, and their eyes are wide open. Evil can never defeat goodness. It was for that reason that the July 1st protest campaign had to happen.

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