The Computer Mouse and Assembly Language

A Taiwanese Practitioner

PureInsight | October 8, 2001

The computer mouse is a tool that was developed by aliens. Because some of the aliens only have two fingers, the mouse only has two buttons. The physical functioning of the human body will decline as a result of using the mouse. A human being’s physical movements are connected with one’s brain, and one’s Primordial Spirit controls the function of the brain. The more lazy human beings become in using their hands, the more their Primordial Spirits will decline, and the easier they will be interfered with and controlled by external thoughts. According to reports from contemporary medicine, long time computer users who don’t exercise are more likely to suffer from depression. That is the reason why.

Programmers sometimes write programs in assembly language. The assembly language thought pattern creates brains in another dimension. They are the simplest of brains and easy to control. Just input an instruction and it will follow the instruction to achieve the aliens’ selfish goals. Some programmers have partial amnesia because their brains have been partially replaced. Not only this, but the use of all advanced electronic devices, especially those which radiate strong electromagnetic pulses, for instance cell phones, pagers, televisions, microwave ovens, and the like, has some effects on human beings other than Dafa practitioners. We also need to be careful in our use of those types of equipment.

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