Treating Fa with Priority and Playing a Positive Role in Fa-Rectification Projects

A Falun Dafa Practitioner livi

PureInsight | January 9, 2006

[] Greetings, respected Master, and hello everyone!

I wish to share with you my personal experiences from participating in Fa rectification projects. Normally, Fa rectification projects have higher degrees of difficulty. They are things that I am not capable of carrying out, things that I don't like to do and even things that I don't view as serious matters, etc. In short they are things that I have more excuses not to do. However, our thoughts might be different if we are to consider the necessity of Fa rectification from the perspective of truth clarification. I feel that this is exactly the opportunity to elevate oneself. Our notions and attachments are eliminated during the transition from "can't do" to "can do". After accomplishing it, one discovers that one's world is a lot more spacious. When reflected into human society, this means one's capability is stronger in that things are handled with much more patience and calmness.

I have shown films about truth clarification to Chinese students in school. Initially, being worried about their uproar if they didn't like it, I was quite reluctant to do this. I found an excuse to use— another student had done this once already and that I had other things to take care of. I got over this obstacle. Incidentally, that other student has already graduated and was no longer in school. However, as an Indian fellow practitioner kept telling me that he would like to play the video for the Chinese students, I knew I couldn't have any excuses any more. This matter had to be done by me, as it was not quite suitable for an overseas student to do it. He could still assist, of course. In the first session, I went to the venue early but was apprehensive. After setting up, I sent forth righteous thoughts and felt that I had calmed down a bit. Quite a few students came to that session and indeed some did cause trouble. Since that session, I felt better when speaking in front of a large audience. That was also helpful for other subsequent work.

I have also performed some technical tasks. I remember it took me three nights the first time I installed a Microsoft system. It happened in a practitioner's home. He let me do it all by myself because he was busy. I remember I had to ask him the answer for every prompt. After all the hard work installing it, the sound card didn't work, this didn't work, and that didn't function. To me, I really went berserk. After it was finally done, I had to take a flight to bring it to another city. In the end, the machine appeared not to have functioned as per the scheduled plan. I remember I didn't have any complaints throughout the process. On the contrary, I learned a lot from the practitioners involved in my dealings with them. This was helpful to my participation in Fa rectification later. At the same time, this matter also strengthened my own mind. I realize that in the participation in Fa rectification, one has to do one's own thinking. Although one should not copy others, one has to coordinate well with others. This is most difficult and can only be achieved when one has the Fa in one's mind. The results of certain things do not appear to be good on the surface. However, if we accommodate one another, it might be very effective on another front. If we blame one another, it might even jeopardize later coordination. Of course, talking about one's own understandings and opinions and drawing lessons from them is okay. However, it should not affect Fa rectification projects

Furthermore, there will be disagreements between practitioners in doing Dafa tasks. In his lecture Master said there is bound to be disagreements in the practitioners' course of cultivation. The critical issue is whether we could improve ourselves amidst the conflicts. In Lecture at the Western United States Fa Conference (1999), Master said, "Without conflicts there won't be improvement. Some people feel that this environment is very peaceful, and everyone thinks his cultivation is going pretty well. In fact, let me tell you that this isn't good. I just want to create some conflicts for you, for having none of these doesn't do you any good. This is because only in the midst of conflict can your attachment be exposed so as to let you see it and let others see it too, and then it will be eliminated. If there weren't such conflicts your ordinary person's attachments wouldn't be eliminated. So, do pay some attention to this: Under any circumstance, particularly when you practice cultivation among ordinary people, it's inevitable that only through conflicts and through xinxing interference can you improve your xinxing. Every time I lecture I talk about this issue. At the time when you were sitting there and listening to the Fa, you were all quite clear about it. But once you stepped out the door, you weren't as good and you forgot."

I am not good at cooperating with others and normally do things by myself. The work I first participated in was to make something for others to use. The xinxing problem I encountered here was the request by others to quickly correct any problems. There were times when the things that I made after enduring a few nights of hard work were either not being put into use or there was adverse comments made about them. I was upset because of this. However, realizing that the item would be used in Fa rectification, I would try my best to cooperate with others. I could achieve 80% after sales service, if not 100%. My ability to cooperate with others improves during the course. After that I became the local coordinator of a certain activity. I know this activity is quite difficult and there is the possibility of more contradictions. However, someone has to shoulder this Fa rectification activity. At least, in the absence of a more suitable candidate, I could still achieve some positive purpose. This is my principle for participating in Fa rectification. I will not let personal contradictions affect Fa rectification activities.

A day passes easily because time elapses very quickly these days. My involvement in Fa rectification activities will be affected if I cannot get over certain small matters. My study of the Fa and sending righteous thoughts will be affected when my attitude is bad when I get angry. Nothing has been achieved after working throughout the night, which passed very quickly. During the next day, there is pressure from hectic work. It is very easy to fall into a rigid routine. I quite easily make mistakes in family life. My attachment is having too much emphasis on efficiency. It would be ideal when people around me and I could operate at high speed like a precision instrument. Every minute and second can be spent in performing tasks which I deem meaningful. However my family members don't necessarily work like that. I scold angrily when my mood is bad but feel awful afterward. Efficiency is affected instead. I therefore really feel that I should always remain calm and merciful. This is not an easy task. However, this is also a reflection of whether one's cultivation is solid. If I give priority to the Fa rectification activities I take part in, then it is easier to subdue my emotions even when I don't feel too well psychologically. Then it won't be like the saying in human society: "No patience for small matters ruins big plans". Actually, the things deemed meaningful by myself might not necessarily be the best.

Of course, in Fa rectification activities, I have seen many aspects of my own thinking. For example, I have a show off mentality in that I can't get over the obsession that a certain thing was made by me under extreme hardship. Sometimes I manage to suppress it when I can recognize it. There are times when I don't recognize it. I have also feelings of jealousy and don't like to see others perform better than me. I knew this before I started cultivation. Back then, I could not manage it and the jealousy was concealed within me. Recently, I really felt Master's help in eliminating it. That happened during one time when everyone was praising a practitioner in our project. I was jealous but quickly recognized this was jealousy. I searched for the answer as to why I was not happy. Since that incident, I realized that my feeling of jealousy has decreased substantially. Of course there are still other sorts of attitudes and I will not elaborate further.

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