Thoughts about Approaches to Truth Clarification

Wang Jian

PureInsight | September 1, 2003

1. Notions

"If you can really eradicate the acquired notions and have the views of your original nature, you have come back to the place where you came from. Your initial notion is the notion of the place where you were initially made. But it is very difficult to eradicate the acquired ideas, because this is just the cultivation." (From an unofficial translation of Zhuan Falun, Volume 2)

As one develops skills in ordinary human society, one also acquires a boatload full of notions. Practitioners need to be vigilant about this. Should we overly emphasize the importance of skills and techniques while doing truth-clarification? Acquired notions may more often than not dominate our thinking so the outcome of clarifying the truth is then not as desired. When we do Dafa projects based on everyday human theories and conduct, it will just be as Master said, "...using the human optic nerve..." and "...cannot see the truth..." (From "The Issue of the Celestial Eye" in Lecture Two of Zhuan Falun)

2. Everyday people's techniques can only play a supplementary role

Any techniques and theories of everyday people can only smooth out the progress for us in our truth-clarification work. Yes, everyday people have also acquired wisdom. But, everyday people's wisdom can't be mentioned in the same context as the wisdom Dafa practitioners have obtained through cultivation in Dafa. Certainly, useful techniques do play a role in truth-clarification work. But no matter how capable a practitioner is in his daily life, it has to be Dafa practitioners doing Dafa work and we should be clear about this. Everyday people's techniques are rather limited, similar to the human world's development of science. Science could only go so far before it reached a dead end. The fundamental reason is that it is something at the level of everyday people.

3. Dafa's power bestows the means to clarify the truth

Dafa gives us the most powerful tools for our truth clarification work. The rationality, wisdom and compassion that diligent Dafa practitioners have obtained through cultivation in Dafa are unmatched compared with any techniques of everyday people. They therefore should dominate our truth-clarification work. In order to improve on our truth-clarification work, we need to look at everything based on the Fa. That implies without say that we have to be more diligent cultivators. If our cultivating state improves, we will have greater wisdom in our truth-clarification work and we will be able to carry it out more effortlessly. "As long as you cultivate and as long as you're able to understand the Fa from the Fa, there's nothing you can't achieve." ("Fa-Lecture at the Conference in Florida, U.S.A.")

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