Realizations and Experiences While Clarifying the Truth to Lawyers

A Taiwanese Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | December 22, 2003

[] We finished the "Bicycle Rescue Tour" in Taiwan and immediately started to thoroughly clarify the facts to lawyers. The Fa-rectification process pproceeds very quickly, and I know that I must seize all opportunities. I know I should walk every step well. If I miss any opportunity, it won't come back again.

I had phoned two lawyers early in October to make an appointment with them to seek their support for a certain vote during the Taiwan Bar Association Conference on October 25th. One lawyer declined politely and said that human rights is not his specialty. He suggested I go to the local Human Rights Association, because the Human Rights Association can investigate human rights violation cases in depth, but he agreed to accept my packet of literature. I called another lawyer three times. The first time his assistant told me that he went to court; the second day that he was meeting with clients; the third day I was told that the lawyer was out dealing with cases. I asked the assistant if I could send him some materials. The assistant said yes.

Afterwards, I felt that was not how I wanted to approach things, since I wouldn't be able to talk to these people face-to-face. If I could not thoroughly clarify the truth to them and inspire their kindness, they would not be able to get an opportunity to position themselves for the future. I felt confused and kept checking inward. Finally, I realized that I had not put enough effort into such a sacred mission. I could say that my attitude was perfunctory. It was not what a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple should do. All of a sudden, I felt sorry for those two lawyers.

Master told us clearly, "True cultivation practice depends fully upon your heart. " (From Zhuan Falun) I asked myself, "What was the right attitude?" I realized a lawyer's purpose is to uphold justice in the human world! Lawyers are ordinary people, and the practical interests of reputation or money will restrain them when making decisions. We are the ones who should ignite their compassion, so they can position themselves well for the future. I then realized that nothing is a difficulty for Dafa disciples.

Keeping this in mind, some other practitioners in the legal team and I contacted more practitioners to study the Fa together. We needed to share our comprehension about the importance and the significance of thoroughly clarifying the facts to these lawyers at this moment. I thought that the legal team should not be limited to us twelve practitioners, and all the practitioners should be part of it. Regarding this issue, every practitioner should elevate himself or herself based upon the Fa. I personally feel that every human being should take action, including non-practitioners, since I think this is one of the arrangements of the Fa-rectification.

Through sharing, we realized the urgency of clarifying the facts to the legal circle from the standpoint of the Fa. After making careful arrangements, we went to visit the lawyers the next day. Before going I sent forth righteous thoughts to clear out all factors that might interfere. I asked Master to strengthen me to get it done well.

In order to show my honesty and sincerity, I often say the following when meeting the lawyers, "Mr./Ms xx, nice to meet you. I am sorry to bother you. I am a Falun Gong practitioner and my name is xxx. Have you heard about the current news that persons from the National Security Bureau have illegally detained Lin Xiaokia, a Falun Gong practitioner? In fact Lin Xiaokai was not the first to be illegally detained in Taiwan from orders of the Chinese Communist Government. Four married women, who were originally from Mainland China were jailed and persecuted in labor camps, are currently being persecuted. Their family members and young children are looking forward to having them back home. In the past four years, the world has been enraged about this cruel persecution, launched by Jiang Zemin. It is aimed at over one hundred million Falun Gong practitioners in Mainland China. So far the human rights scoundrel Jiang has been sued in more than ten countries. The Taiwan Bar Association also passed a written resolution and an announcement supporting these international human rights lawsuits. At the same time, at least one hundred lawyers signed a petition supporting bringing Jiang to justice. Human rights are universal and should be respected. I am sure that with your support for justice, the evildoers that have trampled human rights will be eliminated."

Among all the lawyers I visited, only three were not in (I left literature with their assistants). Most of them listened closely. One lawyer said seriously, "I heartily sympathize with Falun Gong practitioners. You will be worn out visiting lawyers like this. I suggest you go to the Bar Association to collect signatures. There are more people there." Another lawyer listened to me attentively, after I waited for him for half an hour. He also suggested that I go to the Bar Association for an official document to help collect signatures, saying this would be more efficient. He told me that he would read all the materials before mailing his signature to me. Once, when I was pressing the doorbell, a lawyer from the 7th floor went by on his way to court. He asked me why I was there. I walked quickly with him, telling him my story. He did not hesitate, and said he would sign to support us.

After talking to the lawyers I found that they are very rational and very kind. They can understand us easily when we clarify the facts to them. I learned that such a signature drive is just a formality. It is highly valuable if they can understand the truth and support us from their hearts. At the final stage of the Fa-rectification, every one of our steps should be righteous, and each step is extremely solemn and sacred.

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