Research on Samsara and Reincarnation of Lives: Evidence for Never Ending Life (43)

PureInsight | June 17, 2002

[Editors’ note: Articles in this series recount experiences of people who have undergone past life regression hypnosis. Proponents of this technique think it provides excellent evidence for past lives and therapists who use it think it helps patients cope with their current situation by allowing them to understand past events that shaped the present. Other reputable scientists and therapists think the technique is an exercise in imagination, without factual basis, possibly dangerous, and probably fraudulent. We do not recommend the technique nor can we confirm its validity. We would also question some of the inferences made by the author. We present a few examples for your consideration.]

This story took place in Japan. One day, a woman and her daughter went to a hospital to see Dr. Ochi. The daughter told the doctor that she always had a fear of “being unable to have kids” and “being unable to get married,” without any reason, since her childhood. In medical terms, the girl’s nervous system was unstable.

Through the treatment of recalling previous lives, Dr. Ochi found out that the girl once lived in Egypt in her previous life. When she was around eighteen or nineteen years old in her previous life, she had a boyfriend who was twenty years old. She was pregnant. Due to some personal reasons, her boyfriend did not want this baby. With tears in her eyes, she had to have an abortion. Through her friend, she found an old lady who could help by preparing some abortion medicine. However, the medicine prepared by the old lady was too powerful. Sadly, she and her baby died during the course of the abortion.

That old lady who had prepared the abortion medicine in her previous life became her father in her current life. Perhaps for the purpose of forgiving the old lady (her father), the girl was reincarnated as her daughter in her current life. After finding out about this predestinated relationship, she understood why she always talked back to her kind father. Finally the girl decided to forgive the old lady in her previous life.

Because of the girl’s death, her boyfriend was so upset that he moved from Egypt to England. Then, for reasons that are not clear, the boyfriend in her previous life became her mother in her current life.

Additionally, the mother recalled her previous lives just like watching a TV series. As a couple, the mother and her current husband used to live in China before they moved to Egypt. However in that life, the mother was actually a man and her current husband was a woman. They did not get married because of the objection of the man’s mother. They both got married to other people. Before long, both of them lost their spouses during a war.

At that time, the mother’s (the man in that life) face got injured in the war. In fact, she currently had a black spot at the same place of her face that she had in her previous lifetime. The mother smiled and said, “I used to hate the black spot on my face. After seeing my previous life, I started to like it.” Later, they reunited with each other accidentally after the war. Even though they had already lived most of their years, they finally got married and had a happy life in their later years. At that time, they vowed to become a couple again from the very beginning of their next lives if they reincarnated as human beings.

Two weeks after they knew their previous life stories, they visited the Ochi Hospital again. The daughter said, “Since then, my relationship with my father become natural and friendly. We talk a lot. My father seems very happy.” She had walked out of the shadow of her previous life. During the treatment, the fears of “being unable to have kids” and “being unable to get married” disappeared.

(This article was translated from the book, The Essence of Life -- What’s the Purpose of Life by Toshiro Fujimura. The book was published in March 1999 by the PHP Research Center in Japan.)

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