Divine Influence: Wei Xiaqing's Divination Capability

Compiled by Shi Ran

PureInsight | February 16, 2004

[PureInsight.org] Mr. Wei Xiaqing was an imperial court official and the teacher of the crown prince in Emperor Daizong's era of the Tang Dynasty. He was capable of divination, but no one knew he had that ability.

Once when he returned home from the imperial court meeting, Wei Xiaqing met his cousins Mr. Wei Zhiyi, Mr. Wei Qumou and Mr. Wei Zhou. Mr.'s Wei Zhiyi, Qumou and Zhou had each won the 24th rank on the national government official qualification examination, and were appointed as Lang Guan (a government service position of the 6th rank in the officialdom in an ancient Chinese imperial court.) They chatted for a while on horseback, then Mr. Wei Xiaqing said, "What a coincidence it is for me to meet three Lang Guan's today. Why don't I try to foretell your future careers?"

He said to Wei Zhiyi, "You will definitely become the prime minister, but you must guard your integrity and remain disciplined in the years of your old age!" To Wei Qumou he said, "If you work for a different boss, you will quickly become prosperous." He explained to Wei Zhou, "Among the three of you, you will live the longest and have the highest power. You will hold the highest military position in the country."

History did indeed prove Wei Xiaqing's predictions true.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2004/1/28/25541.html

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