Break With Chinese Communist Culture-Marriage Joined Together by the Same Belief?

PureInsight | August 1, 2005

[] Some practitioners met their future spouses in various Dafa activities as fellow practitioners. When other practitioners talk about them, I only hear them say enviously, "They came together because they shared the same beliefs." Everyday people, especially westerners, think it is a strange thing to say. I personally do not agree with that statement either. Instead I think such a thought is the remnant from the evil Chinese Communist culture

For those of us who grew up in Mainland China, we often came across the statement that "their marriage was joined together by common beliefs" in many propaganda articles by the evil Chinese Communist Party. During various political movements, husbands and wives would routinely turn on each other and their family members because of their "personal beliefs." Under the cloak of "shared beliefs," an official from the evil Communist party would routinely divorce his wife and marry another woman young enough to be his daughter. From high-ranking officials such as the General Secretary of the evil Party and the President of the country down to the lowest ranking officials, these men have abused their power and engaged in immoral affairs in the name of "belief." It is yet another way that the evil Communist party has destroyed traditional Chinese culture. Chinese people no longer believe in the traditional Chinese belief that "each marriage is mandated by heaven." People no longer treat marriage as a sacred thing, which has caused the morality of society to go down even faster.

As practitioners, we believe in Falun Dafa. We believe in gods and we believe in destiny and predestined relationships. In a marriage, when both the husband and the wife truly believe that their spouse is given to him or her by gods and that their marriage is formed by predestined relationships from countless previous lives, they are able to settle down and live together "for richer or poorer, in sickness and health." Their relationship will then be stable and they will have a good home life.

There are many people who believe in Dafa. A marriage between two practitioners is not the result of the beliefs shared by the two practitioners. Instead, we believe that "each marriage is mandated by heaven." Dafa harmonizes everything, including marriages between human beings.

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