A Practitioner from Seattle

PureInsight | September 10, 2001

Instead of worrying, speculating and fretting about which paradise a particular cultivator might enter, why not create that desired paradise yourself? How? By repeatedly and continuously reading Zhuan Falun, by living your life as a cultivator, in the Fa, exactly the way Master Li intends for us to live - abandoning all attachments as much as possible, especially the seven emotions and six desires. Master tells us that we may be able to enter paradise while still clinging to a notion or a minor attachment, but we will never enter that deserved place in the universe with the attachment of jealousy and envy.
Just imagine the lofty sensation of being a heavenly particle, in the realms of the universe, simply being part and parcel of the eternal cycle of cosmic life, no longer fettered by human troubles, basic human needs, friendships and earthly sensations.
Let’s keep on reading all of Master Li’s texts, but read them with understanding and comprehension, not merely as a matter of rote. By continuously reading and studying in the Fa, and acting as Fa particles, we are already half way to paradise.

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