Reconsidering Modern Medicine's Prenatal "Health" Care


PureInsight | July 19, 2004

[] Regular check-ups at obstetrics and gynecology doctors' offices during pregnancy has became a routine monthly health check for a modern pregnant woman. One of the examinations is the so-called amniotic fluid analysis with a needle piercing through the amniotic membrane. The results are used to predict the health situation of an embryo so that the prenatal health care can be completed as early as possible. It is even becoming an indispensable part of the prenatal health regimen since it is being widely recommended by the medical society in our country.

This procedure is used to determine if the mother will continue with the pregnancy or abort if the embryo is abnormal. The degenerate thinking of genetic counseling in the early stages of pregnancy, resulting in the abortion of the fetus is a terrible sin. Yet modern thinking does not allow people to realize this. People are afraid of taking responsibility. It is believed that it is too labor-intensive to take care of a sickly or malformed baby. The thought is that one would need to devote one's entire life to looking after an unhealthy or malformed baby. Therefore, this procedure is promoted among certain doctors, as it is considered a logical conclusion that genetic counseling needs to be done well. If an embryo is predicted to be unhealthy, it should be aborted.

However one doesn't realize that killing a life creates huge karma. It puts a life that should be born in a very hard and bitter situation. People think that it doesn't exist if one can't see it.

Relationships among people are determined by the paybacks of karma in order to be parents and siblings. It was arranged a long time ago and will be one's fate. Now people thwart suffering and escape the responsibility of being the caretaker of the "unhealthy child," as diagnosed through scientific means. But, if one does not repay now, one will have to repay at some time in the future. The old karma was not paid-off through enduring the misery. Additionally, new karma by killing a life has been created. One is destroying oneself without knowing. Therefore, it is said among Chinese people "One does not have three lucky days in a row in one's life." If one comes across such a situation, does one not sin without realizing it?

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