The Great Happiness in My Life

PureInsight | August 30, 2004

[] Eight years ago today was the greatest day of my whole life. It was the day that I attained the Fa. On that day, I really felt I finally found what I came to this world for and that it was exactly what I wanted. During the nine days when I first watched Master Li's videotaped lectures, I felt my whole world change, then came the cleansing of my body. After that, several things happened to me exactly like what Master Li said would happen in his lectures. For example, I tried to smoke but the cigarette smoke suddenly felt strange to me, and I quit smoking.

I will always remember those people who helped me obtain the Fa, from the person who played the videotaped lectures to the person who taught me the exercise movements. I will always think of them no matter what their conditions are now.

In those nine days when I attained the Fa, I really felt Heaven and Earth move. During those days it rained nonstop in my area - it was a huge storm. How big was it? It flooded mountains and washed away bridges. It also washed away a bus loaded with people. More than 30 people died in the bus.

In such a heavy storm, I wore a raincoat and rode my bicycle to a place several miles away for 9 days straight to watch videos of Master Li's lecture in Dalian [city in Liaoning Province in northeastern China]. It was very strange; whenever I reached the half way point to my destination, the rain would always become less or it would stop all together. Whenever I arrived, the rain would start to pour again. Going home was the same [story]. While I was making the trip home, the rain would become less. But when I arrived home, it would start to pour again.

In eight years, my belief in myself has become stronger and stronger.
In eight years, I calmly learned to think and analyze independently, living a clearer life.
In eight years, I have experienced wind after wind and rain after rain, becoming more and more mature.
In eight years, I have overcome unthinkable tribulations one after another, becoming a real winner in life.
In eight years, I have been persecuted and been to many evil places, but still haven't given up the dignity of a human being.

In those eight years, I have done many great things, and I have also done many things that I should have done better. However, I am still within the Fa. Sometimes, I think maybe if time could flow backwards and I could relive these past eight years, I will for sure do it much better [than before]!

I am a disciple who made a pledge with Master before history. My best point is that I have a clear understanding of the Fa principles. I do have many deficiencies. But I am proud to say that in these past eight years I have always quietly done what a disciple should do.

Thank you, Master, for letting me cultivate within Dafa, for letting me assist the Fa-rectification during these critical times in the cosmos!!

Today is exactly like that first day. My body again is showing signs of cleansing like those times. A very warm feeling enveloped me, and it immediately reminded me of those happy days. Thus, I have written these few words above.

Heshi! Heshi!

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