It's a Big Smelter

Jie Si

PureInsight | October 18, 2004

[] Many practitioners have come to Manhattan from near and far. Recently a lot of practitioners who are new to New York are staying in my hotel. Seeing the familiar yellow clothes, they nod to each other, or ask where they are from. There are practitioners here from Japan, Singapore, New Zealand, Sweden, Texas, Canada, etc. One day, on my way to group study, a practitioner from Taiwan asked me, "Why are you here?" I was surprised at his question, because it was self-evident to me. I asked him, "Why are you here?" He smiled, and said, "We are here for one purpose — to save sentient beings."

I like the large group study held in New York City very much. The scene is spectacular, something that I had never experienced before. Around a thousand practitioners read Zhuan Falun loudly in one auditorium, forming a strong energy field. The group study is followed by free experience sharing. Some practitioners presented written speeches, while others talked without manuscripts. Both Chinese and Western practitioners eagerly participate and share their understandings.

I am so glad that our fellow practitioners shared their valuable experiences and deep understandings about clarifying the truth in Manhattan, which were very practical and helpful to everyone. Practitioners were very sincere. They kindly pointed out things that we could have done better. They also shared a lot of good advice, such as how to make posters, how to distribute truth-clarifying materials, and how to answer questions from passersby.

What impressed me most was the experience sharing of some Canadian practitioners. They went to the local Chinese consulate to send forth the righteous thoughts and to eliminate the evil in the middle of a storm. Soon the wind and rain stopped, and the sunshine was brilliant. Another time several practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts at a place very close to the Chinese consulate. People in the consulate called the police and they tried to force the practitioners to leave. Practitioners were not afraid. They clarified the truth to the police. They also solemnly and sincerely told those people from the consulate that they should cut a clear line between the former Chinese dictator Jiang and themselves for the sake of their future. Those people were speechless, and passerby applauded to practitioners' righteous thoughts and actions. Their experiences inspired many local practitioners to go to the Chinese consulate to send righteous thoughts. The consulate has became a battlefield where there are always practitioners there 24 hours a day.

A few practitioners from Switzerland came to Manhattan a month ago. They clarified the truth to Swiss companies, groups, and Swiss consular officials and Swiss delegates at the United Nations in Manhattan. They were frequently welcomed by top officials in those companies. A Swiss government official told practitioners if anything similar to the South Africa incident happened in Switzerland, practitioners could go to him immediately. I admired the courage and wisdom of Swiss practitioners. They had made a good beginning, and I heard that many practitioners were following up. One day I ran into some Japanese practitioners in business suits. They told me that they had been meeting with Japanese companies and media in Manhattan recently. They said the outcome was great.

It is a big smelter. Everyone is being cultivated in it.

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