Visit to New York: Traveling through a Chaotic World with a Serene Mind

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | October 25, 2004

[] I attend the Fa conference in New York every year. It seemed imperative that I should go to New York at this critical moment in the Fa-rectification,. But I still was interfered with. Before I decided to go to New York, a thought occurred to me. Since I had already been to New York this year, was it necessary for me to go back again? I was also attached to comfort. Passing out flyers under the burning sun all day didn't sound fun.

I finally decided to go to New York. As I drove through the Lincoln Tunnel on the edge of New York City, I felt I was entering a battlefield and my heart was filled with sacred feelings. Arriving at the assigned site was like reaching the front line of a battle. After setting up the display, I got some flyers and started to pass them out. Among the busy crowd of people, I began to feel calmer, attaining a peaceful heart.

A Christian talked to me endlessly about his own understandings. But it seemed that he didn't want to leave. Instead he listened patiently as I clarified the truth and answered his questions. On the surface, he talked incessantly about his own beliefs. But actually each sentence I said seemed to have awakened his long lost heart and soul.

Some people came over asking young disciples who were passing out flyers to have a picture taken with them, because the young disciples were so earnest and charming. The world is truly chaotic. From people's puzzled eyes in the delusion of this secular world and their expression after sudden realization when hearing the truth, I finally realized the divine power of each of our small flyers. My heart became even more tranquil.

The next day, I went to another place to pass out flyers. There were even more pedestrians there, and, from their eyes, they appeared even more confused. I hurried to clarify the facts. Two people from the local media came to interview me, asking why we came here to participate in the exhibition, demonstrate the exercises and pass out flyers under the burning sun. At the beginning, I was a little bit nervous, because it was the first time I was interviewed in English and I had not expected it. I started to use simple English to clarify the truth to the reporters with a calm and sacred heart. The reporters disliked the head of evil in China from the start and showed a rather scornful expression when that agent of evil was mentioned. Through my clarifying the truth, they learned more about the true nature of the evil.

On the third day, I came back to the place where I was on the first day. I was asked to act as a torture victim in an anti-torture exhibition. I gladly agreed. Although the hot sun was high in the sky, I deeply cherished the chance to contribute. Even though there weren't a lot of people around, the exhibition could still make a difference, no matter whether it was big or small. In "To All Students at the Nordic Fa Conference," Master Li said, "In clarifying the truth, don't wait, don't rely on others." No matter how small our contribution is, if we don't participate in the Fa-rectification during this critical moment, what else are we waiting for? Practitioners with their celestial eyes opened have seen that a large number of dark minions accumulated in New York. They had also seen a large number of dark minions being eliminated by Dafa disciples. Whether one can truly journey in the human world with a clear mind is even more obvious in a chaotic world. Master Li has left us with the opportunities to establish our mighty virtue, so let's journey in this chaotic world with a clear mind and put into practice what the Fa has taught us.

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