New York Diary: Trips to Manhattan to Clarify the Truth

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PureInsight | August 30, 2004

[] We started off even earlier this past Saturday. For the first time in my life, I drove on an expressway for over two hours. The trip there was very smooth and it only took us three and a half hours in total to arrive at the Battery Park at the southern end of Manhattan. We got there early, and there weren't a lot of people in the park yet. I failed to maintain righteous thoughts and started to relax instead. The interference came immediately. My husband spent almost two hours looking for a parking spot. Before he finally returned, we had already finished doing the exercises and sending forth righteous thoughts. I was very upset at him not knowing where he had gone during the last couple of hours and was about to yell at him. I managed to keep my temper under control but I still spoke to him in an uneven tone.

We came with two other practitioners. On the way to New York, we studied the Fa together and then eagerly shared experiences with each other. One practitioner just started practicing Falun Dafa this February. Her personal cultivation and Fa-rectification cultivation are mixed together right away, and it was quite difficult for her initially. She shared her wonderful experiences in the cultivation practice of Falun Dafa and her endless gratitude to Teacher. Another practitioner was 88 years old. He used to be a pilot when he was young. He said he could still fly a small airplane if needed.

The anti-torture exhibit is indeed a good way to clarify the truth. It woke up many indifferent souls. Last weekend I went up to every person who was viewing the exhibit and asked him if he had any questions. I noticed that none of our posters had a basic introduction to Falun Dafa. Therefore even though people read the posters one by one, they might still not understand what Falun Dafa was about. As I understand it, each life along with the cosmos body that he/she represents has suffered numerous hardships throughout the history just to have the precious opportunity to encounter Dafa right now. As long as they can walk into our righteous field, it is an extremely precious moment for them and they might very much want to speak with us more.

This weekend practitioners came up with an even better idea to explain the whole story to the people in the park: using a narrator. As soon as people came, a practitioner would start narrating immediately and lead them to view the exhibit from one scene to the next. This makes it solemn, formal and organized. If I saw a viewer who did not realize there was a narrator, I would approach him/her and encourage him/her to join the "tour."

While distributing flyers, if there was no chance to talk, especially for practitioners whose oral English were not good enough, most of the time, we would silently hand out flyers to passers-by with a smile on our faces, and utilize the silence to send forth righteous thoughts and recite Fa-rectification verses or recite a paragraph of the Fa quietly (of course, if we could get up early and study the Fa for a couple of hours first, it would be even more helpful to our activities during the day).

The great righteous energy full of compassion emitted from Dafa practitioners kept people from casually tossing our flyers away. Sometimes I tried to convey to people that throughout the years of the persecution we have been using our own savings to print flyers and participate in activities, and therefore the material was very precious.

Last weekend, on our way back, a practitioner shared that he had played the role of an evil Chinese policeman during the anti-torture exhibit for the past two days. It was very demanding physically because he had to stand up and hold the same pose for a long stretch at a time. During the afternoon of the second day, he thought to them, "Hang on! It's going be over soon." But on the way home, he thought it over and realized that his thought was not righteous and did not meet the requirement of the Fa. He realized that as the end of the Fa-rectification comes closer and closer, he should do better and better. We all need to strictly follow the requirement of the Fa, and do every activity well from the beginning to the end.

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