A Conversation at 77th Street and Central Park

A New Jersey Practitioner

PureInsight | September 13, 2004

[PureInsight.org] Standing at a corner near Central Park, I came across this woman coming out of the park with her daughter. I tried to hand her a flyer, but she politely said, "No, thanks." As she was waiting for the light to change, she turned to me and said, "What is Falun Gong about?" As I saw a black book in her hand, which happened to be the Bible, I said to myself, "This is going to be an interesting clarification."

"Well," I said, "Falun Gong is a meditation practice and if anyone practices this meditation practice in China they are persecuted and tortured or killed."

She said, "Why?"

So I explained. Well, the conversation went on and on. Then she wanted to know about the teachings. So I start explaining that our principles are Truthfulness Compassion and Forbearance, and we try to go by these principles every day of our lives, and I spoke some more about the teachings.

We got on the subject of sinning. She opened up her Bible and started reading off some teachings in the Bible, about how God forgives every sin. I said to her, "Ma'm, you don't need to read this to me because I was born and raised Catholic. So I know what you're reading to me very well. I also I went to Catholic school."

She looked at me, shocked, and said, "Really!?" I said, "Yes!"

She said, "Do you believe in God?" I said, "Yes!"

"Do you have children? Are you married? Does your family practice this?"

I said "No!" I said to her, "[Not] the Bible nor the Church nor all the teachings as a Catholic ever got me to the point were I am at now. I used to sin and go to church to confess, but never really stopped sinning. Falun Gong made me stop sinning."

So she said, "Like what do you call sinning?" So I explained, "Drinking, sex, drugs, lying, things like that."

She looked at me in amazement. She said, "The teachings of Falun Gong taught you this?" I said, "Yes!" proudly as my heart became bigger while explaining the beautiful benefits in Dafa. I could see her eyes fill up with tears. She smiled at me and said, "What's your name?" I said, "Teresa. And what is yours?" She said, "Connie."

As she was leaving, she shook my hand and said to me, "God Bless you. You are a wonderful person and this practice sounds fabulous. I will take this flyer and tell my friends and I will start reading Falun Gong's teachings as well. It's a shame that they are doing this [persecuting Falun Gong]."

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