Jiang Zemin's Henchmen Escalate Their Thuggish Acts with the Progression of the Lawsuit against Jiang Zemin in Australia

Qi Wen

PureInsight | December 13, 2004

[PureInsight.org] Ms. Zhang Cuiying, a Chinese Australian Falun Gong practitioner and traditional Chinese brush-painting artist, filed a lawsuit against Jiang Zemin and his Gestapo-like agency "610 Office" on September 15, 2004 at Australia's NSW Supreme Court for genocide, torture and crimes against humanity. The court summoned two of the defendants to appear in court on December 10, 2004. It has been reported that the Chinese Ambassador to Australia, Mr. Fu Ying, met with the Australian Foreign Trade Department several times, trying to use China's diplomatic muscle and coerce the Australian government to drop the lawsuit..

Ms. Zhang Cuiying and her family have been subjected to repeated threats by unknown persons as the lawsuit has progressed:

On November 21, 2004, someone threw a number of objects, including eggs, against the bedroom window of Ms. Zhang's daughter. The window was smashed. A week after the incident, Ms. Zhang's daughter remained terrified by the attack.

On December 7, 2004 when Ms. Zhang returned home with her husband around 11:30 PM, they discovered that someone had left a dying kitten covered with blood painfully struggling in front of their home.

In her letter to the police on the following day, Ms. Zhang wrote, "I was shocked and horrified by the scene and could not held back my tears and even today, my front yard is still covered by the blood." She added, "As the Chinese Government has been attempting to prevent Falun Gong practitioners from filing lawsuits through a variety of indecent ways in different countries, I have no doubt that the incidents are not isolated and they must be related to my case. Therefore, I would like to draw your attention to the threateningly ongoing incidents as my family has been frightened by the cruel reality."

A lot of Chinese people have realized by now what the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is, especially those who have read The Epoch Times' recently published series ---"Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party." [1] Even those who had been deeply deceived by the Chinese Communist government's lies will more or less see through the CCP. Jiang Zemin and his henchmen are probably the most corrupted thugs that the CCP has ever bred. They are leading a luxurious life by taking illicit advantage of the people in China while also extending their thuggish acts to threaten the Chinese people outside of China. They are the ultimate disgrace to China.

Following the shooting attack on the Australian Falun Gong practitioners who traveled to South Africa to file a lawsuit against Jiang Zemin's henchmen, the butchered kitten was another threat in the form of blood and violence.

For these depraved people, other people's lives do not carry any weight. The former Chairman of the CCP Mao Zedong openly said, "Qin Shi Huang (the emperor who built the Great Wall of China) [2] is nothing. He buried only 460 learned scholars alive, but we buried 46,000 learned scholars alive. Some people call us [the CCP] a totalitarian regime or the reincarnation of Qin Shi Huang. We freely admit that because it is true. The only thing is that it is an understatement and we will have to add more things on top of it to reflect the reality."

Thus the poor kitten became a CCP's prop to threaten kindhearted people. A kitten's life was nothing to these depraved people because even a human being's life carries no value to them. Millions of Chinese people were slaughtered during the CCP's Great Cultural Revolution because they carried no value to the CCP. For the past five years, the horrific tortures against hundreds and thousands of Falun Gong practitioners in China and their deaths haven't moved those uncaring souls.

As corrupt as they may be, the CCP's henchmen are human beings after all and should still have consciences left in them. Each man will ultimately determine his own path. There is nothing left to say to those who are determined to follow Jiang Zemin to the end. But I would like to offer a heartfelt advice to those who have fallen prey to Jiang Zemin's lies and still have a conscience left: If you do not wish to be included in the hall of shame of history for eternity, or if you do not wish your offspring to be ashamed of being associated with you, you should seriously consider stopping your crimes against Falun Gong and stopping your selling of your soul to Jiang Zemin before it is too late.

Finally, I would like to call for help from the rest of the people worldwide to step up and safeguard our healthy living environment by saying no to Jiang Zemin's regime's crimes in Australia.

Relevant Telephone Numbers in Australia:

The Chinese Consulate in Canberra

1. The Main Switchboard (02) 62734780
2. The Political Office (02) 62734782
3. The Defense Office (02) 62734784
4. The Science Office (02) 62734786
5. The Consular and Visa Office (02) 62734783
6. The Economy Office (02) 62734785
7. The Information Office (Feng Tie's office) (02) 62734788
New Telephone Numbers: (02) 62862465(02) 62864351

Fax and Guest Room: (02) 62734878
The Consular and Visa Office (02) 62739615
The Business Office (02) 62734987
Address: 15 Cornation Yarralumla ACT: 2600

The Chinese Embassy in Sydney

1. The Receptionist (02) 85958002
2. The Guest Office (02) 93190678
3. The Visa Office (02) 96992216
4. The Technology Office (02) 93191720
5. The Culture Office (02) 96985830
Fax (02) 85958001
Address: 39 Dunblane Street, Camperdoun, NSW 2050
6. The Economy Office (02) 96987788
Fax (02) 96987373
Address: 68 George Street, Redfern, NSW 2016
7. The Education Office (02) 96621723
Fax (02) 96973368
Address: 19 Anzac Parade, Kensingten, NSW 3368

[1] The Epoch Times: Nine Commentaries on Chinese Communist Party

[2] Qin Shi Huang: The first emperor of China, who built the Great Wall of China. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shi_Huangdi

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2004/12/10/30278.html

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