Attacking the Fa Is not a New Phenomenon

A Western Falun Dafa Practitio

PureInsight | December 20, 2004

[] Centuries ago. even Lao Tzu, the renowned Chinese sage who wrote the five thousand-word "before heading out of the Gate to the West," as Master Li mentioned in his lectures, encountered difficulties proclaiming the truth. The truth always hurts and makes ignorant people uncomfortable. People avoid accepting genuine teaching for the sham, for something their foggy minds can more easily assimilate.

Here is what Lao Tzu had to say in the book known as "Tao Te Ching," the title meaning "The Way and its Power" (or "The Power of the Way") in English:

"Everywhere, they say The Way, our belief,
Is so very like detested folly;
But greatness of her own alone explains
Why it should thus be held beyond the pale.
If it were merely orthodox, long since
It would have seemed a small and petty thing."

It sadly fascinates me that people throughout millennia have been blind to such ancient wisdom. At present, when one of the greatest sages ever to grace our small planet Earth tries his best to present The Truth anew, in a manner easy to comprehend and follow, humanity as a whole once again refuses to take off her blinders and see the ultimate truth in Master Li's teachings, found in the marvelous text Zhuan Falun, freely available for study.
Lao Tzu continues:

"When I show compassion, I can take courage;
When demonstrating frugality of speech, I can abound;
If I can be humanity's most humble man,
Then I can be an instrument of enlightenment.
The death of all our hopes lies in the absence
Of compassion, yi and humility.
In battle its 'compassion wins the day.'
Compassion arms the people God would save."

Just as is happening today, people steeped in false ideologies do not recognize the vital necessity of compassion; they don't understand what Falun Dafa is all about and don't bother to even read her most basic tenets. Some of these ignorant individuals write lengthy, error-laden diatribes, completely missing the point of Falun Dafa's great wisdom, based on Truth, Compassion and Forbearance.

This failure to comprehend is moral rather than intellectual. Compassion, yi and humility are sorely absent in daily life all around the globe. Such absence could place any nation at great risk. Truth, Compassion and Forbearance connects people to the will of God.

Lao Tzu has long since "headed west." We, here and now, still have a small window of opportunity to avoid becoming victims of folly. Master Li shows us The Way. Let us follow!

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