Gray Hair and a Young Face: Spirit of a Cultivator

Wu Xinhui

PureInsight | January 17, 2005

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[] One day an elderly gentleman was walking along the street when suddenly a high-speed motorcycle knocked him down. He rolled over twice because the motorcycle hit him hard at a fast speed. But after he calmed down and got up, the first thing he did was to ask people who had gathered around him whether the motorcycle driver was hurt or not. People said, "That motorcycle driver fled from the scene already. How can you worry about him first without thinking about yourself? You are an elderly man; have you been hurt?" Only then did occur to the elderly gentleman that he should check if he himself had been injured. He carefully looked himself over and didn't find even a scratch on himself.

The gentleman in this story is 83 years old this year. His body is strong and he speaks clearly with a booming voice. When he walks, he walks very fast and is very steady. He doesn't look like his age at all. In fact, he has smooth, shiny skin, with very few wrinkles. His name is He Zhao. He has been practicing Falun Gong for over ten years. He always has a smile on his face and very often is used as the living advertisement for cultivation in Falun Gong.

Acupuncture and Qigong Paved the Road to Obtaining Falun Dafa

Mr. He retired from a government job years ago. He became interested in acupuncture and spent a lot of time and money studying it. He said, "Normally, a student studies acupuncture by practicing on other people's bodies. He doesn't dare to stick needles into himself. I was different. I pricked needle into over 200 acupuncture sites on my own body. I made several attempts for each site and then compared it with what the book says."

Once he learned acupuncture, he began to treat people he knows free of charge. Over the years he gained a loyal following and his reputation began to spread. "I really wanted to help people. But sometimes I'd forget to bring the needle box with me, or I was at a place where there wasn't enough room for me to perform the acupuncture on a patient's body. I really wanted to help people at anytime and anywhere."

Mr. He soon began to practice Qigong. He wanted to use his hands to help people without needing any other medical instruments. He began to learn as many Qigong practices as he could find. As soon as he heard a new Qigong that he hadn't practiced before, he would devote all his energy and all the money he could afford to learn it. He said, "I learned all kinds of Qigong. As long as there was a name for it, I learned it. After a while, when I saw patients, I would do acupuncture treatment and at the same time direct qi to the patients. It produced better results than acupuncture alone. When a place in my body felt uncomfortable, I just needed to use my hand to massage a little bit, and it would get better almost immediately."

But Mr. He soon noticed that even though many patients' conditions improved after his treatment, the symptoms often returned a while later. In addition, he started to suffer from some minor ailments himself. Although he had practiced many kinds of Qigong and was an expert at giving acupuncture, he still could not help relieve his own physical pain.

In 1994, one of his friends came from Mainland China and brought him news of a good Qigong practice that had become quite popular in China. That person said that several million people were practicing it and it was very effective. His friend gave him a book called "China Falun Gong." The friend taught him how to practice the Falun Gong exercises. As soon as he started to practice it, Mr. He began to feel a very strong energy flowing through his body. He decided to keep practicing and see what might happen.

Becoming an Enlightened Being through Actual Practice and Cultivation

As he continued to practice the exercises and read the book, Mr. He realized that the practice was able to answer many questions that had confounded him all his life. For example, he finally knew why the illnesses of his patients had returned after the treatments. He finally realized the reason why a person gets ill. It is caused by bad things that people do during their many lives. All the medical treatments (including acupuncture and Qigong healing) can only treat the surface symptoms and can't get rid of the diseases at their roots. If one wants to cure one's illnesses from the root, one has to cultivate. Only when one truly cultivates his "xinxing" and follow the principle of "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance" in one's daily life, can one maintain optimum health. Mr. He decided to stop trying to cure people by giving acupuncture or Qigong treatment. Instead, he started to teach Falun Gong in many places in Taiwan free of charge.

At the end of last year he happened to run into a group of tourists from Mainland China at the National Taiwan Museum. Mr. He had attended a short training session at the museum. So he volunteered to be their tour guide. Because of his vivid and interesting introduction and explanation, the group of people's laughter was heard again and again. When they came to the section of the museum that housed Buddhist relics, he naturally incorporated what he learned from practicing Falun Gong into the explanations. Everyone listened carefully with full attention. Someone asked him fro where he had learned so many things about Buddhist relics. He answered, "It is because I practice Falun Gong." Suddenly the atmosphere froze and everyone's facial expression became rigid. He then said. "When you were in China, you only had the opportunity to listen to what the Chinese government says. Now you have the opportunity to travel outside of China. You should look around and see if there is a big difference between the reality and what you had heard before." Even though the people in the group had been warned by the Chinese government not to take any Falun Gong material, all of them ended up accepting it from Mr. He. There was really no need to say anything. The hearty laughter, the gentle attitude, and the spirit of a cultivator in his 80s are able to vanquish all the lies that Jiang's regime has told.

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