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PureInsight | January 17, 2005

[] I started my cultivation practice in Falun Gong in 1997. In 2003, I started to be able to see things in another dimension with my Celestial Eye. When I read Zhuan Falun, I often saw small Faluns rotating fast behind each Chinese character. Later on I saw Buddhas in yellow robes behind each Chinese character in Zhuan Falun. Next I'll briefly describe some of my personal experiences of assisting Teacher in his Fa-rectification.

1. Teacher Resolved My Malevolent Relationships

For a period of time in 2003, I saw many lives from other dimensions gathered around me. I felt a tremendous level of pressure from them. They were putting their weight on me, and I felt they weighed several tons. At the time I felt I had tried my best to resolve any malevolent relationship there might be between me and them with my benevolence (I didn't have sufficient understanding of the Fa at the time. In hindsight, with righteous thoughts I should have refused to acknowledge their interferences). The pressure continued to pile on me until one day I saw a shining object flying into my body. The things that surrounded me in other dimensions gradually began to rotate along with it, and I felt as if the tight ropes around me were finally loosened. I realized later on that it was Teacher who resolved my malevolent relationships with those lives and made them leave me.

2. What I've Seen during Meditation

Once when I entered tranquility during the meditation, I saw myself entering into a dimension without anybody in it. Then suddenly a man that looked like a farmer appeared and said to me, "It has been ages since I saw anyone." I figured that he meant very few people could come to such a level of realm. I told him, "I am Teacher Li Hongzhi's disciple." He looked shocked when he heard those words, and then said, "You may go now." So I left that dimension.

When I practiced the Falun Gong exercises, I saw my hair becoming blue and curly and there was a cranial protuberance (ushnisha) on the top of my head. Later I saw my hairdo changing frequently. Sometimes I saw myself wearing a hairdo in the shape of a cone.

3. Experiences in Eliminating Dark Minions and Rotten Demons in Other Dimensions

Once while I was sending righteous thoughts in front of the Chinese Consulate, I saw a group of people with halos flying around me. Some of them looked like Taos because they were wearing traditional Chinese blue robes and their hair was tied to a knot on the top of their heads. Some of them looked like Buddhas. Suddenly I felt the beings inside my body were flying away at a high speed. I was also surrounded by light particles, which I think were the old forces. They wanted to fly me to another place. While those degenerated lives were trying to fly me away, I shouted out in my heart for Teacher's help, and they disappeared in a flash.

Once I went to a city to promote Falun Gong. While I was sending righteous thoughts, I saw an elderly Taoist with a halo above his head. The Taoist had a beard. On his head, he was wearing an object that looked like a crown. There was a very bright field of light around his body. He sent out his power and tried to manipulate me with his power. I started to send righteous thoughts to eliminate him. He disappeared right away. Then I saw a colored object with cuticles inside my body melting away.

Sometimes while I stayed up at night sending righteous thoughts in front of the Chinese Consulate, I saw rotten demons lining up like an army of soldiers charging into a battle and flying towards me. Each time I eliminated an army of rotten demons with my righteous thoughts, another army of rotten demons would appear and start a new attack. The smaller demons each had a head in the size of a fingernail. I once saw a larger rotten demon that had a head in the size of a dishwasher.

I often see evil lives gathering around my head. Sometimes I can eliminate them by just looking towards their direction because I can send out my supernormal ability via my eyes. After the evil lives perished, the dimensions that they used to reside became brighter and clearer instantly. Once while I was in the bathroom, I saw some evil lives around me. I sent out a thought to have them flow into the toilet bowl, and they fell into the toilet bowl immediately. Then I flushed the toilet and flushed them away. Even my file folders seem to have developed supernormal abilities. I once saw one of my folders sucking the evil lives into it.

4. Saving the Sentient Beings

Once while I was sending righteous thoughts, I saw a black girl made of light approaching me. She was about 14 or 15 years of age. She was very tiny, measuring about 60 to 70 cm (around 25 inch) in height. Her body was made of light. She stood beside me while I was sending righteous thoughts. Then I thought, "Why don't you come inside my body?" (I meant to invite her to the world inside my body.) Then she walked into my body slowly.

Once I had just lay down in my bed and was getting ready to sleep. A group of small, dark-colored people that each measured about 7 to 8 cm in height appeared before me. I imagined that their bodies were dark because they had a lot of karma. They ran into my body. One of the dark men said, "Yes! We've found a new world!" I suspected that they might be evil lives. Then I started to think, "If only they could assimilate themselves to the Fa." As soon as that idea surfaced, my body became as white and pure as a clear jade from the head to the toes. It appears the dark-colored people have assimilated to the Fa and entered into my world.

Once I made a trip to York University. I didn't know my way around it, so I approached a young Caucasian woman on the bus and asked her for directions. She gave me a very clear and detailed direction. I thought, "She is very kind." As soon as the thought came out, I saw a door opening up inside my body. There was a white, shining world inside the door. Then I saw that young woman melting into the world inside my body.

I often distribute Falun Gong's truth-clarification material inside the subway trains. Each time I finished distributing truth-clarification materials, I felt the black substances inside my body had been eliminated one layer after another. It was a very comfortable feeling. Once I was again distributing truth-clarification material inside a subway train, and I felt too exhausted to go on. There was a young Caucasian woman sitting in front of me. My previous experiences told me that a young woman like her normally would not take our truth-clarification material. So I decided to take a seat next to her and took a short break to recharge my energy. Because I was very tired at the time, I felt very sleepy soon after I sat down. Then suddenly I felt a life from another dimension calling out to me from the top of my head, as if an old friend that I had not seen for years was calling out to me affectionately. I felt I had known her (the life from another dimension) for many years, and at the same time felt she was anxiously waiting for something. I suddenly realized it might be the manifestation of the young Caucasian woman sitting next to me. I felt suddenly awake and charged my courage to offer her a copy of Falun Gong's truth-clarification material. Indeed she gladly accepted the material and started reading it with undivided attention. I learned a valuable lesson from that experience. What a pity it is to miss a person with a predestined relationship with the Fa.

This concludes my personal experiences of assisting Teacher in his Fa-rectification. My vision and understandings of these experiences are limited to my present cultivation level, and I am only sharing these stories to help each other's cultivation practice. I would also like to say that I had been subjected to interference from other dimensions in the past because I became attached to my Celestial vision and stumbled several times in my cultivation practice. Later I realized that the only thing that can guide our cultivation practice is the Fa, and not our Celestial vision. Only when we abide by the Fa during our cultivation practice can we avoid stumbling and taking a wrong path on the path of our cultivation practice.

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