The Story of Nono (Part I)

As Told to Hong Wen

PureInsight | February 14, 2005

[] My name is Nono. I am seven years old.

Today is Sunday. My Mom and Dad took me to a park to play.

My Mom and Dad often read me good articles that teach me to be tolerant, loving and kind. They ask me to look inside and examine myself first when I encounter an obstacle or a conflict. They ask me not to blame others when I face problems.

One day another kid bullied me and took my toys from me. I started to cry.

My Mom came over and said, "What's wrong, Nono? Why are you crying?"

I told my Mommy, "Adie from next door took my toys away. He took my favorite building blocks."

My Mom said in a soothing and gentle voice, "Don't cry, Nono. Tell me how it happened."

"He looked very fierce, and he grabbed my toy."

My Mommy said, "Nono, don't you feel sorry for Adie? You see, shouldn't you feel sorry to Adie for pretending to be 'fierce' and take away other kids' toys?"

My Mommy took my hands and said, "Let's forgive Adie together, shall we? Adie does not know it is a sad thing to be 'fierce' toward others. We should always talk with other people nicely."

I asked my Mommy, "Like the way Mommy is talking to me?"

My Mommy smiled at me in approval.

I wiped away my tears and slowly walked up to Adie. "Adie, I don't blame you for taking away my toy because my Mom told me I should feel sorry for people who act 'fiercely.' You may have my toy, but don't act fierce any more, OK?"

Adie looked astonished and no longer appeared fierce.

Watching the change in Adie's facial expression, I broke into a smile happily.

Next Adie asked me to play with the building blocks together!

I felt so happy! I turned and looked at mommy!

My Mommy still sat there, smiling at me. Mom was glad that I had forgiven Adie.

I see! We must always talk to each other nicely!

That way everyone's face would look more beautiful!

That way no one would fight each other any more!

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