Weathering the Storm, Chapter 3 of Part Six and Epilogue

Zhong Fangqiong

PureInsight | February 21, 2005


Part 6. Righteous Beliefs of Falun Dafa

Chapter 3: A Divine Miracle

After I was carried home, I couldn't get out of the bed. Every day my 70-year-old mother and 11-year-old son had to care for me. I persisted in studying the Fa and sending righteous thoughts every day. My elderly mother and my young son also took very good care of me. Soon a miracle happened to me yet again. Just one month later, I was able to sit up on my own. Two months later, I was able to stand on my own and practice the Falun Gong exercises. Three months later, I was able to walk again.

In the beginning of September of 2003, I bought some fruits, watermelon seeds and candies and rode my bicycle to visit the doctors and nurses at the orthopedic hospital who had cared for me. When I arrived at the entrance to the hospital, I happened to run into the chief of the hospital, Dr. Yang Shenwen. When I greeted him, he was no longer able to recognize me. I said, "I am the Falun Gong practitioner with the leg injury that you treated." He said, "Oh, it is you! How could you recover without getting your leg amputated? How did you get cured?" I told him, "It is from practicing Falun Gong. I came specifically to talk you and other medical staff at the hospital. Could you bring me inside to see everyone?"

He was very glad to take me to the doctors' office on the 2nd floor of the hospital. As soon as we got there, he said, "Look who is here!" There were several doctors and nurses in the office but none of them recognized me. I went up to them and introduced myself, "I am Zhong Fangqiong, the Falun Gong practitioner who used to occupy the #11 hospital bed, the one with a fractured pelvis and a broken leg. I came today to thank you for taking such good care of me when I was hospitalized." Everyone was shocked that the person standing in front of them was me.

Chief Yang asked in amazement, "Your leg is fine now? Take a few steps and show me."

I walked up and down inside the office twice. When he saw how normal my legs were following, he asked in amazement, "Which hospital did you go to get such good results after you left us?"

I told him, "I didn't get any treatment after I left here. After I went home, I persisted in practicing the Falun Gong exercises and reading the Falun Gong books. It took only three months before I could walk again."

Chief Yang said, "It is a miracle that you can reach such a stage in your recovery in a very period of time. I wouldn't have believed it was possible if I had not seen you with my own eyes today."

A nurse named Liu Min said, "Her pelvis was completely fractured. It is unbelievable that she recovered so well. Since Falun Gong is so good, you should just practice it at home."

I answered, "Yes! Every single person who understands what Falun Gong is about and has come in contact with Falun Gong practitioners knows that Falun Gong is good. That is why there are so many Falun Gong practitioners out there. But because there are too many people who practice Falun Gong, Jiang Zemin became jealous and began to persecute Falun Gong. He even branded it an evil cult. I used to suffer from an incurable blood vessel tumor. I spent decades and tens of thousands of yuan visiting different hospitals and trying to find a cure for my condition. Despite all my efforts, my condition only worsened. After a surgeon removed one of my major blood vessels by mistake, I developed a serious cerebrovascular disease and as a result suffered from temporary blindness from time to time. All my diseases miraculously went away within a few short months after I began to practice Falun Gong. Before the persecution started, I used to be an honest and hardworking businesswoman. I didn't go out much and spent most of my spare time taking care of my elderly mother and young son. All I did was to use the time that other people used to watch TV and play Mahjong to practice the Falun Gong exercises and read the Falun Gong books. Just because of that, the police illegally sent me to prison and used methods that are unimaginable to ordinary people to torture me. The last time I was arrested, I had just finished delivering a truckload of goods from the Northern Train Station. I was arrested even before I got inside of my home. Think about it! What happened to my 70-year-old mother and 11-year-old son while I was arrested and tortured? What is going to happen to countless people like you who don't know the truth about Falun Gong and have been deceived by lies told in the newspapers and on TV? As a Falun Gong practitioner, as a particle of Falun Gong, I will do everything I can, even if it means that I have to give my life, to clarify the truth about our being persecuted to the world's people, and tell people about the beauty and extraordinariness of Falun Gong so that more people will have opportunities to learn about the truth of us being persecuted."

Liu Min said, "In that case, when you were injured after your fall, you shouldn't have held a hunger strike. Why did you have to torture yourself like that? If a person doesn't have his health, he has nothing. You were so stupid!"

I told her, "Everyone knows how precious life is. Everyone cherishes one's own life. We Falun Gong practitioners also cherish our lives. We love living and also want to enjoy our lives with our families. But we also know that the shining principle of 'Truthfulness Compassion Forbearance' is worthy of safeguarding with our lives. Waking up the sense of righteousness and conscience of our fellow Chinese people is the most precious thing because it is the fundamental reason why human beings can exist as human beings. Falun Gong practitioners try to wake people up by exposing evil and clarifying the truth. If more people can be awakened, those Falun Gong practitioners who have given their lives for this effort won't have died in vain, and all the hardships that I've endured won't have been for nothing either."

Liu Min then said, "Why didn't you tell us this earlier? If you had told us this earlier, you wouldn't have suffered so much." Chief Yang said, "She was watched by the police 24 hours a day. She never had a chance to talk to us before."

They finally said, "If we hadn't seen you today with our own eyes, we would have believed what the newspapers and TV say about Falun Gong is true."

I was very glad that they have learned the truth.

After some of my experiences of being tortured were published on the Internet in March of 2004, Hao Wuyuan, the head of the Politics and Law Committee of the Chenghua District, twice took people from his office as well as policemen from the Tiaodenghe Police Station to harass my younger brother at his business. They pretended to be kind and told him, "Tell your second sister to move back home. We won't bother her." Then they secretly went to my hometown trying to track me down. Why did they have to lie like that?

Currently, I am still forced to live outside and go into hiding. Every time my poor mother manages to see me secretly, I can only stay for a couple of minutes. My poor son never had a father growing up, and now is forced to live with his mother due to the Jiang regime's persecution of Falun Gong. But all of us firmly believe that the clouds will never be able to cover up the sun forever, and Jiang regime's deceitful lies will be exposed to the public. We believe that the day when all three of us will be reunited as a family will come soon.

The End

Epilogue: Things I Wish to Say to Everyone

Dear readers, after reading my story, you might want to say, "If you think Falun Gong is good for you, you should have just practice it secretly in your home. Why do you have to write your story and tell everyone about it?"

To respond to your question, I would like to quote a passage from one of my Teacher's articles titled "Rationality." He said, "All of this is your goodness (shan) made manifest, and it is what evil fears most, as those who attack goodness are bound to be evil. The actions they are now adopting in the persecution of Dafa and its students are extremely evil and shameful, and they fear these will be exposed. You must let the world's people know about their evilness—this is saving people as well." (From "Rationality" in Essentials for Further Advancement II.)

Please calm down for a moment and think about my personal testimony. Don't you find my personal experience of practicing Falun Gong exactly opposite to what the media in China has portrayed? And I am not the only person who has benefited from the wonderful cultivation practice of Falun Gong. Falun Gong has been spread all over the world and is warmly received by people from over 609 countries worldwide. Governments around the world have awarded Falun Gong with more than 12,000 proclamations as of May 2004. Mr. Li Hongzhi's books of Falun Gong have been translated into 30 different languages and have been circulating around the world. It is obvious that people and governments around the world approve of Falun Gong and can identify with Falun Gong, except the Chinese Communist government. Jiang Zemin and his henchmen are the only regime that bans Falun Gong and persecute Falun Gong's followers. As of February 16, 2005, more than 1,374 practitioners have been verified as being tortured to death in China. However, according to the Chinese Communist government's official internal statistics, the actual number of practitioners who died after being arrested had already reached 1,600 by the end of 2001. In addition, there are at least 6,000 Falun Gong practitioners who have been illegally sentenced to prison. Over 100,000 Falun Gong practitioners have been sentenced to forced labor camps. Thousands of practitioners have been forcefully sent to psychiatric hospitals to be tortured with drug injections that damage the central nervous system. Large groups of Falun Gong practitioners have been forcefully sent to local brainwashing classes, where they have been subjected to both physical and mental torture. Many more practitioners have been severely beaten and had large sums of money extorted from them by so-called "law-enforcement officials." Female practitioners incarcerated in prisons, forced labor camps or in Chinese police's custodies have been repeatedly subjected to rape, gang rape or many forms of sexual molestation. The Chinese authorities have subjected pregnant practitioners to abortion and even late-term abortion in order to incarcerate them in prisons for an indefinite period of time. Large numbers of Falun Gong practitioners are being beaten to death, injured, and their families are broken up when they have to leave home and go from place to place because of the persecution, just like me. Millions of Falun Gong practitioners' families, relatives, good friends and colleagues are also implicated and brainwashed to varying degrees.

It is my sincere wish that you would try to understand Falun Gong and its followers. They are decent people like me who try to become better and better. How can Jiang Zemin possibly justify his persecution against Falun Gong practitioners? They have done nothing but to tell people the truth that Falun Gong is good based on their firsthand experience of practicing Falun Gong. I urge you not to fall prey to Jiang Zemin and his henchmen's vicious lies about Falun Gong. Those lies were created precisely to justify and sustain their persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. I also urge you not to blindly follow others when they slander Falun Gong and Falun Gong practitioners. Falun Gong practitioners are a group of kind, decent people who will never do any type of harm to other people or to themselves. In today's degenerate world, we can really have more Truth, Compassion and Forbearance, which are the three fundamental principles that Mr. Li Hongzhi requires of his disciples. In fact, the entire world, except for China, knows that Falun Gong is good. Since you have the precious opportunity to read my story, I would like to take the opportunity to ask you to be kind to Falun Gong and its followers. To be kind to us is to kind to yourself ultimately. If you have not already heard the news, multiple lawsuits have been filed in the United States, Canada, Germany, Spain, Korea, Belgium and many different countries worldwide against Jiang Zemin and his key henchmen for their genocide and torture against Falun Gong practitioners, as well their crimes against humanity. People with righteous spirits worldwide have established "Global Coalition to Bring Jiang [Zemin] to Justice" and will not stop until they bring Jiang Zemin and his henchmen to justice for their participation in the persecution against Falun Gong.

Finally, I hope that you will soon come to your senses and accept the truth about Falun Gong. Please be kind to Falun Gong and its practitioners and take the right stand. I wish you and your family a bright and wonderful future.

The following is a list of Chinese organizations and individuals who participate in the persecution against Falun Gong.

"&": People who directly persecute Falun Gong practitioners.
"#": People who need to know the truth about Falun Gong.

China's Country code: 866

Chengdu City's telephone area code: 28

Tiaodenghe Police Station: 84126643
Ms. Liu Yingfang at Tiaodenghe Community: 13666190200 (#)
Mr. Sun Yong, a domicile policeman: 13881936443 (#)
Guangrong Small District Police Station: 87656434
Mr. Li, Head of Guangrong Small District Police Station: 89845906, 13708055906 (#)
Mr. Zhang Zhi, policeman from Guangrong Small District Police Station: 88012728 (#)
Deputy Head of Guangrong Small District Police Station: 88151930 (#)
Wannianchang Police Station: 84457853
Mr. Wei Daping, a domicile policeman: 88035031 (&)
Mr. Li Qiangjun, the head of the residential district office (&)

Jianyang City's telephone area code: 832

Yunlong Town Police Station: 7761165
Mr. Zhen Yongqiang, Head of Yunlong Town Police Station: 7761116 13088305006 (&)
Mr. Li Qinglin, disciplinary staff: 13183949385 (#)
Mr. Xu Changhe, policeman: 7761128 (home) (#)
Mr. Hao Wuyuan, Secretary of Political and Legal Committee at Chenghua District: 84372800 (Office), 84307297 (Home) (&)
Public Security Bureau's Chenghua District Branch: 83261024, 86406411

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