"Back There"

PureInsight | February 28, 2005

[PureInsight.org] Darkness blinds everybody with a black curtain sometimes
And we can't see the truth of things, with tomorrow's opaque night interfering with past made decisions
Blinding our blinded vision
We wonder about the present for intriguing enjoyment; with our minds slightly worrying about our flimsy future and past laid judgments.
But we say, wait until later to figure out forwards and backwards.
We only need to be concerned with focusing towards
Making a bit of fame and fortune
And gladly give up everything to have our names written across the scriptures of the sky for everyone's eyes
To see
Disregarding other's misfortunes.
I have said darkness is a blinding curtain.
And those that see in this blackness really weren't worth much to begin with.
So after obtaining these goals and dreams, why do we complain, and ask why we hurt? Even though we have our tiny bits of entertainment,
Why do we still care about others when they hit the dirt?
Even with our glorious wealth, our dashing good looks, and strong healthy bodies
Why do we still feel that this isn't what we are supposed to live for?
Yet we can never find a true reason
To live
But only
Through our own determined motivation we give
Ourselves a way
To get "Back There"

And through the darkness, comes a small bright light
Shining immensely brighter than one thousand stars, pure and holy
Its holds the truth of the universe able to make everything right
If we allow it to
Sink in
And wipe away our sins.
Yet we battle against it because we chose this life of suffering and torture
While the ones we love slowly leave our tainted and corrupted sight.
Unable to fight
Unable to get
"Back There"

We kick, we yell, and we scream.
We wonder why life has planned this awful burden upon our chest
Yet we don't understand that these troubles were brought through because of our dreams.
Our attachments, forcing us to leave the rest
That we were once standing with
And conversing with
And peering over full blue moons, starlit skies, and crystal clear rivers crying with
Pitying and wondering why humans have to go through such pitiful tribulations
And now, we're the ones looking back up.
Pleading for information
We're the ones asking, why are we here?
Why must we endure such a painful existence?
And they look down unable to answer since it was us who made this decision to be here.
So it is us that can only answer.
The question of one thousand answers.

Within one thousand answers, there is still a chance, a brief one.
Deciding to appear after many long transfers, a glace, and a passing sun
Allowing us to get "back there"
To be enlightened before everything ends once again
But this time, it will be extremely precious and rare
For this is the last salvation at its end
For all men
For this is our last opportunity
To endure and have life
And still be available for peaceful tranquility.
Allowing us to get
"Back there."

It isn't easy.
Many people can definitely agree on that -
Since the darkness in our lives is so great
Then again, what really can we look at?
Waking up to our own rooms with stuffed animals keeping us company?
Even this is not so easy
For we remember our vast emptiness
Day after day battling and bearing against loneliness
And common people's strife
In a severely pitiful life
Hoping our minds will open to a new shocking epiphany
Praying for a great awakening to change our fate
But no,
Our minds can't
Because that's all we seem to only do
Pray and hope each day

It takes more to able to succeed
First we need to disregard our needs
It takes a lot of practice
Hard-work, dedication, and correcting others' malpractice
To be able to get "back there"
We must discipline our minds and souls
Think not only for ourselves, but for the whole world
To be more caring and generous than fair
Because in this life
Our only role is our goal
To reunite
With our former selves

And finally stepping stones must be set for our foundation
To adjust our hearts true formation and redirect our frustration
Towards the first step
Of having pure compassion
Cleaning out nonsense and misinterpreted abstractions.
And leading to the second step
Of having serene forbearance
Building up our patience
While forcing us to leap forward a step
And also working on our tolerance
Making our respectfulness and openness an abundance
Letting us to be helpful and forgiving without caring much about winning
And when these foundations are set and molded in stone
Ours bodies will have righteously grown
Since we will finally
Be able to make
Be able to make it
"Back There"

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