The CCP'S Descent

An Australian Falun Gong Pract

PureInsight | March 28, 2005


Cloud To Abyss

Beguiled by skies already
eclipsed, cowering behind
torrents constrained to the eye.
All furled, fractured inside
a more than flagrant heart!

Forces sounding to the surface,
(such vehement dark) deliberate
when drumming realms to
mayhem. Cacophony dressed for
a final feast where the innocent
lay tattered, arrangements of
savagery and their attire complete.

China beguiled by skies eclipsed,
further the Party falls from
cloud to abyss.

Part II

Betrothed to such burdensome
lies, calculated deceptions that
build a stranglehold from core
to circumference. A wilt to
any sanctuary crowded of
crimes, realms storm-pitched
behind sullen skies.

Having clamoured dust upon
deepest dread, rains falling
heavier still. When comes the
light to uncurtain calm, hearts
now shine this stage anew!

The Party betrothed to
burdensome lies, realms
storm-pitched behind
sullen skies.

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