In Collusion with the Beast

A Falun Dafa Practitioner from

PureInsight | April 4, 2005


The Beast (CCP)

How far do its menacing
claws extend, how much
longer must its cankerous
heart poison the world
before its fateful end?

(This dragon, in fact, is
already slain, but here
it still writhes in its dying

Denounce the beast's
evil nature, defend no
more its despotic reign.
Come, take heed, awaken
now, before it draws those
with its mark into realms
where no life remains!


From the horrors of the forced -
labour camps to the dens of
the psychiatric institutions.

China betrothed still to the
CCP, together, a most
vicious collusion!

Where the rights of belief
are demonised, the voices
of freedom muted.

Come, take a stand for a brighter
future where innocent Falun
Dafa practitioners are no
longer persecuted!

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