Dafa Practitioners' Speech and Actions Affect the Outcome of Truth Clarification

A Dafa Practitioner in Taiwan

PureInsight | February 28, 2005

[PureInsight.org] Recently I studied Teacher's new scripture "Teaching the Fa at the 2004 Chicago Conference" again, and gradually I [better] understood the meaning of "The Buddha-light illuminates everywhere, and rectifies all abnormalities." (From "Energy Field in Lecture Three of Zhuan Falun.)

Dafa practitioners' energy field is a field of righteousness. All unrighteous elements will disintegrate in this field. If all Dafa practitioners can continuously purify themselves through cultivation practice, the energy field will become increasingly powerful and suppress the evil more effectively. The number of evil beings from other dimensions field will also reduce continuously. As a result, more people will be free from their manipulation, thus increasing the chance of salvation.

I once read a fellow practitioner's article saying he saw with his Celestial Eye many people walking around on the streets are actually Buddhas and gods. He then remembered a line from Hongyin II: "Gods and Buddhas are walking among the common people." (Draft translation subject to further improvement, "The Buddha-light Illuminates Everywhere" in Hongyin II.) It was indeed like Teacher had said, "Even when in your daily life you pass by people so quickly that you don't have a chance to talk to them, you should still leave them with your compassion and kindness. Don't lose those who should be saved, especially those with predestined connections." (From "Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Atlanta Fa Conference")

We have heard sages saying, "Worshipping Buddha can plant causal seeds for the opportunity to practice cultivation." If Dafa practitioners have already upgraded their bodies to the level of Buddhas and gods, how can our xinxing be on the same level as ordinary people? If we smile at people we meet, or if our righteous actions leave them with a good impression of Dafa, those people's bad thoughts will be reduced or eliminated in our energy field, and their righteous thoughts will be strengthened. If they also develop kind thoughts toward Dafa practitioners, aren't they building a good future for themselves? Some people are not very rational at times. If a Dafa practitioner doesn't do well, which causes ordinary people to generate bad thoughts toward him or her, or turn against Dafa, then we would be hurting people instead of saving them.

Personally, I have made mistakes in this regard. When I first started to cultivate in Falun Dafa, I had the attachment of zealotry and wanted to give up everything to cultivate in Dafa. I almost left home and became a monk. As a result, my mother, my girlfriend and her mother didn't approve of Dafa and even asked me not to cultivate in Dafa. Now that my xinxing has improved, I have removed my attachment to zealotry and I am now cultivating in Dafa while conforming to everyday people's society the best I can. Although my mother hasn't started to cultivate in Dafa yet, she has read Zhuan Falun almost twice. My girlfriend's mother said she wants to cultivate in Dafa. They have indeed made a great improvement in their attitudes towards Falun Dafa. In the past, I had always thought that truth clarification meant explaining the persecution, but now I understand that I not only have to tell people the truth about the persecution, but also manifest the Truth and validate Dafa with each and every word and action. All the Buddhas, Taos and Gods in the Heavens are watching us.

Teacher said, "Actually, a lot of Dafa disciples say when they're clarifying the truth, 'I'm going to go clarify the truth now,' as if at that moment they're going to clarify the truth, but they don't clarify the truth normally. Saving beings should permeate every single aspect of your daily lives at this time. If you can all understand and really see its importance, I think you'll probably save more beings." (From "Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Atlanta Fa Conference.")

Still it is easier said than done. I still have many unsolved problems in this aspect and I am still trying to overcome my flaws. Moreover, Teacher said, "Have you noticed that a lot of our students can't take criticism from others? As soon as they are criticized they get mad and aren't able to take it." (From "Teaching the Fa at the 2004 Chicago Conference.")

Especially when I encounter persecution by the old forces, I react poorly as if my compassion had been replaced with vice. I thought, "Even if I'm wrong, you cannot treat me like this." But I forget the problem arises precisely because I'm not doing well and my righteous thoughts are not strong. If I did well, the evil would be automatically destroyed or they would run away to save their lives. How could they even have the time to persecute me?

Above are my personal understandings limited to my current cultivation level. I hope that fellow practitioners can share theirs as well.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2004/6/21/27769.html

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