Sharing My Experience of Distributing "The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party"

Mei Li from Taiwan

PureInsight | June 20, 2005

[] In the past, when I distributed Falun Gong truth-clarification material, I used to add, "You must read it" to people who accepted material from me. Lately I have been thinking about how to encourage them to actually read The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party when I distribute it on the streets of Taiwan. Nowadays I would not only tell people that the series of articles had shaken the world, but also tell them in a sincere voice, "Reading The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party will bring you good fortune!" People's attitude began to improve since I changed my ending line. I would like to share some of the memorable stories of distributing The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party at a theme park in Taiwan.

In the past, I noticed that people would hold the truth-clarification materials in their hands while they were actually paying attention to checking out or walking towards rides of their interest. I had no idea if they actually read the material at all. Before fellow practitioners and I left the theme park, we would occasionally find some discarded copies on the ground or in the trashcans. Since I changed my ending line, I have never seen any truth-clarification material on the ground or in the trashcan any more. I also noticed that people actually started reading them after they took them.

When a man heard me saying, "Reading it will bring you good fortune," he passed the copy in his hand to his wife and took another copy from me. His wife did not know what I said to her husband, so she told him one copy would suffice, but the man insisted on taking another copy.

When I told one of the men in a group that reading it will bring you good fortune, his friends heard me and slowed down, waiting to get a copy from me. In the past, no one would slow down to get truth-clarification materials from me.

When tourists took the materials and heard me saying, "Reading it will bring you good fortune," they would look very pleased and say thank you. Some would stop and nod at me as a form of gratitude before they went on.

A young lady might have heard from her friends that reading our material will bring her good fortune or she might have wanted to take one more copy of the material for her family. She actually came out of an air-conditioned room to the sunny outdoors just to get one more copy from me. When she was walking towards me with a big smile, I thought she might be smiling at someone else standing near me. It was not until she approached me and got a copy of the material that I was certain that she was smiling at me.

Perhaps people have truly felt the positive energy in our truth-clarification materials. I noticed that people were reading the materials as they walked towards their next ride. Some people stood reading the materials in their hands. The energy became a lot better. It was as if they had forgotten that they came here as tourists. Perhaps they have accepted the idea that reading the material will bring them good fortune.

Fellow practitioners and I have witnessed the positive improvement in people's response. Hopefully more fellow practitioners will start sharing their respective experiences in distributing and promoting The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party.

No matter where we distribute the truth-clarification materials, we must first send forth righteous thoughts with a pure mind to cleanse ourselves and to cleanse the entire area.

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