Firmly Believe in Teacher and the Fa-rectification, and Eliminate Doubts

Zhong Zheng

PureInsight | June 27, 2005

[] Since the publication of the "Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party," each practitioner has developed his or her understanding on the articles. Some practitioners feel that the evil party has been persecuting them as well as their fellow practitioners and therefore want to "fight" with it. Some practitioners think they are more experienced in dealing with worldly affairs or in politics and civil rights movements and have been pondering whether we are using the name of cultivation to "get involved with politics," etc. These hidden thoughts need to be eliminated, as they will not only seriously hinder the enhancement of our levels but also lay a dangerous obstacle for our future cultivation. Such thoughts are actually caused by practitioners failing to recognize the profound and deep inner meaning of the Fa even after studying the Fa for a period of time. Such practitioners stay at a level of just wanting to be good people in this human society and focusing on merely giving up some of their attachments in their daily lives. They still let their notions be influenced by the evil party's atheistic doctrines.

For the last several months, practitioners have gained a deeper understanding of the evil party through studying Teacher's recent lectures. However, if we only reluctantly agree with what Teacher has said or remain doubtful, even to the point where we clarify the facts to people on one hand and on the other hand have doubts in our minds and try to gauge whether what Teacher said is true or not by observing the progress of worldly affairs, we would do everything according to our own opinions and only trust ourselves while still carrying the suspicion of being used. Such mistrusts and doubts were formed in our past dealings with everyday people. If we stay that way, could we finish and walk well our path as "Fa rectification Period Dafa Disciples?" Some practitioners say they believe in Teacher's words and also actively do Dafa work, but they have doubts in their minds.

In fact, it doesn't matter how knowledgeable, how experienced, and how intelligent we are, or what we have come to understand from the Fa, we still can not totally comprehend things in the heavens, the things gods consider, and various complicated elements in the cosmos such as light vs. heavy, slow vs. fast, primary vs. subordinate, ahead vs. behind, far vs. near, large vs. small, tall vs. short, etc. It is because the wisdom of cultivators is indeed limited.

Since we want to be disciples, we must believe in Teacher and believe in Fa-rectification. If we truly think that way, I think it is also a simple and yet deep righteous thought and we will feel very solid in our hearts. However, deep faith is also closely linked with one's understanding of Dafa, steadfastness, elimination of one's human attachments, and elevation of xinxing. I would like to suggest to fellow practitioners that they re-read and try to understand the three articles entitled "Cautionary Advice," "A Dialogue with Time," and "Digging Out the Roots" better.

If we maintain a practitioner's cultivation state during the Fa-rectification period and look at problems from the level of Fa-rectification and saving the sentient beings, many things become clear. Teacher is rectifying the Fa while saving sentient beings. During the Fa-rectification, the truth of the universe naturally will attack those elements that hinder and try to damage the Fa-rectification. Actually, those negative elements not only do not believe in the cosmos's savior having the best and the only way to save the cosmos, they have also tried to damage it. Several decades ago, the Communist Party declared, "There never has been a savior." Back then, the evil party had already revealed its nature and declared it to the pubic. Yet it is a fact that Teacher's Fa-rectification will be accomplished. As the Fa-rectification moves forward, it will not let the evil party continue to do what they've been doing. The Gods will thoroughly annihilate the evil party. That will occur as a part of the changes that take place in the human world as a result of the Fa-rectification, and it absolutely has nothing to do with "getting involved in politics." Will the existing social and political system and its inner meaning continue to exist in the new future society? The answer is a resounding "No!" In that case, is there a need for us to "get involved in politics" now?

During the process of annihilating the evil party, the lives of the Community Party members will be at stake. Viewed from the angle of offering salvation to humankind with compassion, we need to give them an opportunity to withdraw from the evil party so that they won't be harmed. In order to make them withdraw from the party, we have to make them recognize the evil traits of the Communist Party and how it is evil and deceitful and rascal-like, how it incites violence, how it practices espionage, robbery, murder and mind control, as well as its imminent destruction. That is why there was the publication of the "Nine Commentaries on the Community Party" and the introduction of a service to let people withdraw from the party.

We are not, therefore, using the name of cultivation to get involved in politics. Instead, we are establishing a strong Dafa cultivation field to eliminate the evil and save sentient beings. It is our responsibility and a part of our mission. If we can accurately recognize the meaning of the cosmos' Fa-rectification and saving sentient beings, we'll be able to do a better job at clarifying the truth and won't carry any of the character or behavior of everyday people in our mission. Instead, we will possess the righteous thoughts and righteous actions of Dafa practitioners, both as a unified body and as individuals with steadfastness, benevolence, wisdom, rationality, and unselfishness.

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