Precious Honesty

Ms. Zhang Jinmei

PureInsight | July 4, 2005

[] My daughter got her exam back today. She was worried that I might be upset when I saw the score. She felt she had tried her best, but still she failed to meet my expectations. She was very afraid of seeing disappointment in my eyes.

Just as my daughter had expected, I asked her the result of her exam. She told me the score and then timidly and carefully explained that she could have gotten two more points if she had lied. It turned out that she had gotten two more points because her teacher had marked a wrong answer as a correct one. She raised her hand and told the teacher the truth, so the teacher deducted two points. I asked, "Why did you want to tell your teacher?" "I don't want to be perceived as a dishonest person," she replied. Pride began to register her innocent young face. I gave her an approving smile.

I am glad that my daughter told the truth because honesty has become a rare virtue. In today's world, the majority of people would not think twice to fight for small gains. Selfishness has become most people's motto. In the adults' world, they fight with each other and treat each other insincerely. We all hope that our children will retain their innocent and pure nature, but it is difficult to do so when we set bad examples for them in our speech and actions. In order to teach our children morality, we must start with ourselves.

"Mom, didn't you teach me to be honest?" my daughter asked. I held her hands tightly and answered, "You have done the right thing!"

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