Young Practitioners' Tales: The Story of Rourou

A Young Falun Gong Practitione

PureInsight | July 11, 2005

[] Rourou is a ten-year-old little girl. She has been a Falun Gong practitioner for almost seven months. The following stories were told by Rourou and written by a grownup Falun Gong practitioner.

On the first Sunday after Rourou started her cultivation practice, Rourou spent the entire day playing with other kids. When Rourou practiced Falun Gong exercises that night, she heard a very gentle, kind voice, "Do not spend all your weekends and holidays playing all day long any longer. You should study the Fa more." Rourou was astonished. She opened her eyes and asked, "Who are you?" The voice answered, "I am your Teacher Li Hongzhi." Rourou nodded and began to study the Fa immediately afterwards.

As soon as Rourou learned the Falun Gong exercises, she saw with her Celestial Eye a giant black eye with numerous small eyes within. She also saw light of many different colors. Once when she was practicing Falun Gong's sitting meditation, she started feeling hungry. Her Main Spirit rode on a lotus flower and flew to a heavenly paradise made of gold where many people were dining. Rourou said to them, "I am hungry too!" Then a kid who looked like Rourou's twin brought her a tray of dishes. As Rourou was about to take the tray, the tray disappeared. The kid told her, "You cannot eat any food in paradise because you have not completed your cultivation practice."

Once Rourou repeatedly dozed off while she was practicing the sitting meditation. She saw a lotus flower telling her, "Are you giving the chance of cultivation to your Assistant Main Spirit? Don't fall asleep." Rourou replied, "Do you mind if I sit on you? I think I will stay awake if I sit on you." Then Rourou flew up to the lotus flower and sat on it. However, she continued to doze off. Then the lotus flower flew away, throwing Rourou off and onto the ground. After Rourou finally finished practicing the sitting meditation, her bottom still hurt from the fall. For a period of time, Rourou repeatedly failed to pass xinxing tests. Rourou saw Teacher telling the lotus flower, "You must prompt her to cultivate diligently."

After Rourou's father passed away, she often thinks of him. Once Rourou was in tears when she thought of him. Then suddenly she heard her father's voice, "Rourou, you must cultivate diligently. When you complete your cultivation practice, we will be able to meet again." Her father's voice sounded even nicer and gentler than when he was alive.

It is a traditional Chinese custom for a daughter to pay her respects to her father at his tomb on the 100th day since his death. On the 100th day, Rourou went to her father's tomb according to the Chinese custom. She saw a path that led to heaven and her father descending from the sky riding on white clouds. He told Rourou, "Tell our family and relatives to stop missing me." Then he returned to heaven.

Once Rourou watched a truth-clarification VCD and kept crying. Afterwards, she sent forth righteous thoughts with her mother. When her mother told her time was up after 15 minutes, Rourou said, "Let's do it longer. Five more minutes." Afterwards her mother asked, "Why did you want to do it for five more minutes?" Rourou replied, "Our fellow Falun Gong practitioners are being tortured in the prison. When we send forth righteous thoughts longer, the torture will be reduced and they will suffer less."

Once when Rourou was in the bathroom, she saw many demons coming at her and attacking her. Rourou immediately started sending forth righteous thoughts and saw many golden 卍 flying out of her body that eliminating all the demons. She also saw a giant 卍 on her chest and another on her back. There were also many small 卍 all over her arms and legs.

Once after Rourou finished sending forth righteous thoughts, she saw many atrocious demons in black outfits. They were capable of transfiguring themselves and making themselves invisible. They told Rourou, "Don't study the Fa. Come with us!" Rourou told them, "You must assimilate yourselves to the Fa; otherwise, you will perish." They refused to listen. Then Teacher appeared and told the demons, "Hurry up and assimilate yourselves to the Fa!" Some of them agreed to do so and entered a gate. There was a message on the gate: "Assimilate yourself to the Fa and you will be rewarded with great fortune." Those demons who entered the gate immediately became beautiful, and the rest melted into puddles of pus and blood.

Rourou's school played the evil Chinese Communist Party's party song when raising its flag every Monday morning. One day Rourou sent forth righteous thoughts during the weekly flag ceremony while thinking the ceremony shouldn't continue. Then the song stopped playing and the flag was stuck half way on the pole. In fact, the flag started sliding down the pole. Rourou was excited and said, "Yeah!" Then suddenly the flag began to rise again. Rourou heard Teacher saying, "Zealotry is not good. It gives the demons an excuse to interfere."

One morning, Rourou told her mother that she wanted to go take a bath. All the furniture and objects in the room told Rourou, "Save the bath. Why don't you read Zhuan Falun to us? We would like to listen to the Fa."

One day while Rourou was distributing truth-clarification material, she saw in another dimension every Falun Gong practitioner's body was golden and radiating. All the truth-clarification materials were also golden and radiating.

Once Rourou's mother took her with her to distribute truth-clarification material on a scooter. Rourou sat in the back and was responsible for throwing truth-clarification materials to each door like a newspaper boy. [Rourou is only ten years old, so she missed the target from time to time.] Once she missed the target and asked her mother to stop. She got off the scooter and placed the material at the door. She thought, "I have come here to offer you Teacher's salvation. You should obtain and read the truth about Falun Gong." Afterwards, Rourou never missed any targets. Sometimes she thought she did not throw a material at the door, but it landed at the door. It was Teacher's help.

Once Rourou and her mother went out to distribute truth-clarification material when a depraved man saw them and started shouting for people and the police's attention. Rourou said, "We are doomed." Her mother told Rourou, "Let's pretend this man does not exist. Send forth righteous thoughts." Rourou immediately started to do so. Then Rourou saw Teacher telling her affectionately, "Don't be afraid. Teacher is here with you." They ended up arriving home safely. After they returned home, Rourou did heshi in front of Teacher's photograph and said, "Thank you, Teacher." Teacher said, "Cultivate well and Teacher will help you in every way."

On Teacher's birthday this year, Rourou sat on a lotus flower and went to see Teacher in another dimension. She said to Teacher, "Happy birthday, Teacher! But I didn't buy you any fruit to pay my respect…" Teacher answered with a smile, "I am most pleased when you do the Three Things well. Don't be attached to everyday rituals."

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