My Understanding of "Being Impervious"

Qing Xin

PureInsight | October 31, 2005

[] When I first started cultivation practice, I often heard fellow practitioners talking about "being impervious." [Note: the original text "不動心" carries a number of similar meanings, including being impervious, calm, unaffected and/or undisturbed.] I hoped I could do it at that time. It wasn't until after a few years of practicing cultivation that I started to realize it wasn't something can be achieved by requesting oneself to achieve it, instead it was the manifestation of a practitioner's level after he/she has gotten rid of attachments little by little every day. Some attachments are very obvious and are relatively easy to get rid of, and some are not easily detectable, especially those cannot be told by the principles of the human level.

Recently I've discovered an attachment in myself. The cause was, one day when I was sharing experience with a fellow practitioner, I asked her, "Are you scared when you watch others having a loud argument?" She said, "No, I'm not." Until then I didn't realize I had something others didn't. Doesn't this mean I have a layer of "substance?" Looking inward further, indeed, I grew up in a big family full of arguments, and therefore I'm extremely scared of the sound of arguments. Even when I was dating my husband, I made it a rule of "no arguments and no loud talking." It was because I didn't want to run into that situation again. Later on I started practicing cultivation. Because of doing Dafa work, I inevitably would come into contact with other practitioners. To avoid arguments, I would carefully choose projects that I could do by myself without discussing with other practitioners. Alas, I was controlled by my attachments without knowing it. Now cultivation practice has come to this last stage, and it's time to get rid of these substances. In my humble opinion, only when we are pure can we meet the requirement of Fa at this stage. Therefore as soon as we discover any impure substance, we should take the opportunity to remove it immediately. Maybe only after all our substances are removed can we naturally achieve the level of "being impervious."

I'd like to take this opportunity to share another understanding of mine with fellow practitioners. A few days ago, I read a story about General Yang Yanzhao. It mentioned that Yanmen Pass was the frontier pass that the heroic legend of the Yang's family was guarding. It reminded me of the poem "Visiting Yanmen Pass" in Hong Yin, which I read not long after I started practicing cultivation. At that time I thought it was about Teacher thinking of the ancient times. However, Teacher's most recent articles have been talking about things higher and higher, which allowed me to understand why there is the Three Realms, why human have to go through incarnations life after life, and what the arrangement is for the entire Fa-rectification… therefore when I read the poem "Visiting Yanmen Pass" again, I couldn't help thinking about the Yang's family who would die for their country. Yang Liulang (also known as Yang Yanzhao, as referred in "Visiting Yanmen Pass") had guarded the frontier pass for 20 years, and later on his son took over his duty and continued guarding the territory. In that life, they spent their lives on the battleground day after day, how hard is that! A thousand years later, when Teacher revisited Yanmen Pass, the Fa-rectification had already begun. I dare not to say I understand Teacher's feelings at that moment, but it's true with more and more Fa studying, I feel more and more strongly Teacher's mighty mercy. Teacher has mercifully lived in the human world life after life to establish predestined relationships with sentient beings, and led us step by step to where we are now, to let us validate Dafa in the Fa-rectification period. My fellow practitioners, we really must treasure this.

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