Stories from the Service Center to Withdraw from the Communist Party in Washington, DC: "Could You Open the Posters for Us to See?"

A Falun Gong Practitioner in N

PureInsight | October 31, 2005

Time: Thursday, October 20, 2005
Location: The National Mall in front of the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum

"Could You Open the Posters for Us to See?"
At 3 P.M., when we were concluding today's service and rolling up the posters about The Epoch Times' "The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party" (or "The Nine Commentaries") of about 20 feet long, two Chinese tourists walked up to the posters.

By then we had already run out of "The Nine Commentaries" pamphlets and newspapers. Falun Gong practitioner A offered them the only Chinese material we had left, which was "The Nine Commentaries" VCD. She said apologetically, "Sorry. We only have the VCD left. Other Chinese tourists have taken the rest of the materials. Fortunately we still have VCD left which you may play at your computer or DVD player. Regardless of your view of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) at present, it is important for you to catch up with the reading because at least five million people in China have already read 'The Nine Commentaries.' It is essential for you to read everything regarding the CCP because it is related to every aspect of your life. Especially when everyone else in China has already read it, how can you not afford not to read it?"

They nodded in agreement. After having chatted with us for a while, four Chinese tourists from the same tour came and joined the conversation. Because we have run out of everything else, practitioner A apologized again, "Sorry. Because we are concluding today's service, we only have VCD left."

Then tourist AA asked, "could you open up the posters for us to see?"

Practitioner A immediately unrolled the posters again. Because all the posters available to us contained only English captions, these Chinese tourists without any facility in English didn't understand their meanings. Therefore, practitioner A began to explain the meaning of each poster. Surprisingly they actually enjoyed reading the posters. They pointed at the posters and asked a few questions.

Next practitioner A began to have "experience sharing" with the Chinese tourists and even recommended individual commentaries she likes the best, hoping to stimulate their further interest in reading "The Nine Commentaries."

"No Problem! We Will Take Turns Reading 'The Nine Commentaries'"

Next practitioner B came and searched her bag to find a few remaining copies of "The Nine Commentaries" in newspaper. There were six Chinese tourists, but she had less than six copies. She told them, "Sorry. The demand exceeded the supply. Perhaps you wouldn't mind taking turns in reading them?"

Tourist BB replied in a bold and generous manner, "No problem! We will take turns reading 'The Nine Commentaries.'"

Practitioner A reminded them, "We have heard that an Australian citizen was deported from China in the middle of his dance tour because he was found with a copy of 'The Nine Commentaries.' It would be in your best interest that you stay up and finish reading 'The Nine Commentaries' at the hotel before you return to China. We have to take your safety and interest into consideration since we distribute 'The Nine Commentaries' to you."

Tourist CC replied, "Nowadays there is a lot of freedom of speech in China!"

Practitioner A said, "It is fine with me if you think you can pass the Customs in China with a copy of 'The Nine Commentaries'. I am only thinking for your safety because I am the one who passes the book to you. Since you have mentioned the freedom of media and speech in China, I would like to recommend you to read the 9th commentary. It uses the SARS epidemic outbreak in China as an example in its in-depth discussion on China's freedom of media and speech nowadays. I find it very eye-opening."

Tourist DD said, "Since we cannot risk bringing it to back to China, why don't we try to finish reading it in the United States?"

"Taoist and Buddhist Cultivation Practices Both Extend Its Cultivators' Longevity."

While viewing a poster showing a photograph of a female Chinese Christian after she was tortured by the Chinese police, tourist AA suddenly asked, "Do you have any material regarding the Self-Immolation at Tiananmen Square?"

Practitioner A replied, "Sorry, I don't have any. But I find it incredible that any Falun Gong practitioner would set himself on fire or kill himself. Throughout Chinese history, both Buddhist and Taoist cultivation practices extend the longevity of their cultivators. Many Buddhist and Taoist cultivators recorded in Chinese history lived to be many hundred years. Think about it. Falun Gong is also known as Falun Buddha Fa. It is also a Buddha school cultivation practice. How can any Falun Buddha Fa cultivator possibly try to defeat the purpose of cultivation and set himself on fire? Besides, Wang Jindong claimed that everyone must practice Falun Gong in his Self-Immolation Act at Tiananmen Square. I have never heard of such a theory in either Taoist or Buddhist school. Since the beginning of cultivation practice, only those with predestined relationships will be admitted to a cultivation school. Some people went to Buddhist temples and asked to be monks, but the head monk would sometimes refuse to take them because they have not completed their predestined relationships with people in the secular world outside of the temples. Buddha school cultivation practice values predestined relationships especially. Without any predestined relationship with Buddhism, one will not be able to enter Buddha school cultivation practice. Besides, the Chinese Communist Party persecutes not only Falun Gong, but also all other religions and spiritual beliefs. Do you remember that the CCP kicked monks and nuns out of the temples and forced them to get married during the Cultural Revolution? The 6th commentary does a find job detailing the Chinese Communist Party's persecution of all religions and spiritual beliefs. I sincerely recommend that you spend some time reading it."

Tourist AA asked, "Then is it legal to practice Falun Gong in the United States?"

Practitioner B replied, "It is legal to practice Falun Gong in every country around the world, except China."

Tourist A sighed and commented, "Ah! It is not right to ban Falun Gong!"

"Do You Have a Job?"
Tourist EE asked, "Is anyone paying you to do this? Do you have a job?"

Practitioner A replied, "Of course. I am a translator and I work from home. The pay is less than my previous full-time job, but the advantage is that I have a more flexible schedule and that I can help with this cause. As for this elderly grandmother, she lives with her son, who takes care of her. If she does not want to do this from the bottom of her heart, how can you possibly entice her with money to sacrifice her valuable time with her dearest grandchild?"

Tourist EE's eyes lit up as soon as he heard the word, "grandchild." He nodded his head and answered, "Indeed." (Apparently he also adores his grandchildren.)

Tourist DD asked, "Oh, then you are not doing this for money?"

Practitioner A replied, "Indeed, we don't get any money for doing this. It is the Chinese Embassy that pays people to welcome leaders of the Chinese Communist Party each time they come to the United States for official visits. The Chinese Embassy tries to hire everybody they can find from the local Chinese community. It was alleged that they paid each person 50$USD a day to "welcome" the visiting Chinese leaders and provided everyone lunch and dinner boxes. Otherwise, they would not find anyone to welcome the leaders of the Chinese Communist Party willingly. After each welcoming show, the hired people would litter and abandon the banners on the ground, contaminating the environment. What do you expect from the people that do things for money? Look around here. Now we are concluding today's activity. We have cleaned up the place before we leave."

They looked around and verified that we have indeed left nothing behind. They could not help from nodding in agreement. Finally we bid farewell under a friendly atmosphere.

Lovely "Little Bumble Bee"

We have noticed that some Chinese tourists were afraid of taking "The Nine Commentaries" in front of their group leader; therefore, we have recorded the partial content of "The Nine Commentaries" in mp3 in the remaining space of "Little Bumble Bee" so that those who are afraid of taking "The Nine Commentaries" can at least stand in front of the Little Bumble Bee and listen to "The Nine Commentaries" for a while.

Note: "The Nine Commentaries" Free Broadcast by The Sound of Hope

Because the Little Bumble Bee, by default, has the remaining space (or memory) for about one and half an hour of audio recording in normal sound quality, we selected the broadcast of the 4th and the 9th commentaries because these two commentaries use more historic records as examples. The audience will be able to join in anytime and still be able to catch up with and understand the content.

Sometimes practitioners would carry the Little Bumble Bee while standing to the Chinese tour buses. Sometimes we leave the Little Bumble Bee in front of the "Nine Commentaries" posters. Because of The Sound of Hope's broadcaster's gentle, rational voice and his kindness, Chinese tourists are willing to listen to the broadcast.

According to practitioners at the service center, there are some Chinese tourists who stood in front of the posters while listening to "The Nine Commentaries" broadcast from the Little Bumble Bee. Some of the aforementioned six Chinese tourists had already listened to the broadcast for a while and left before they returned to talk to us.

Little Bumble Bee, you are really hard at work! You are such a little helper in our truth-clarification work!

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