The Precious Little Bumblebee

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PureInsight | October 31, 2005

[] After reading the article, "Fellow Disciples, Please Treasure the Life That Came to Rectify The Fa" published on September 21, 2005 on, I felt that I should also share some examples reflected on me personally in recent times with everyone.

I bought a Little Bumblebee in 2004 to play the exercise music out loud at the practice site. The practice site is in a small park in the urban district. It doesn't have any cover from the rain. Once it rained heavily when we were practicing the 2nd set of the exercises, "Holding the Law Wheel." In the middle of the exercise, it started to rain. The rain ran harder and harder, but nobody moved. Afterwards everybody was soaked, including the Little Bumblebee. When I went home, I never even thought of it. When I checked it a day later, the cover was all wet. Then I opened the battery cover, and it was all wet too. However, it could still work. Later, it wouldn't work while plugged into the power outlet; it only worked on battery.

After several days, I found that the display screen of the Little Bumblebee had become unclear and unreadable. It rained again and so it was soaked again. Now the screen completely vanished. However, it could still play the music so I never thought about fixing it. At the same time I continued to think that it shouldn't be broken. It continued to operate in such a condition for several weeks. A fellow practitioner was going to travel out of the country to attend a Fa conference for a week. I borrowed her Little Bumble Bee so I could return mine to the Yiqun Bookstore to get it repaired. However, when I got hers, I discovered that its battery needed to be charged, so I had to continue to use mine. During that time I continued to look within, trying to decide if it represented unseen attachments in myself. However, the display screen of my Little Bumblebee was still broken.

One day when I was practicing the exercises inside my home, I suddenly wanted to talk to it. I calmly and serious thought, "You are a great life, accompanying Dafa disciples to send forth righteous thoughts, practice exercises, and can also broadcast Master's lectures. You have great mighty virtue. No other machine can compare with you! You are here for Dafa, and you are very extraordinary!" Afterwards I tried to plug it into the outlet, pulled it out again, and messed with the switches a few times. Two explosive sounds came out, and suddenly the screen appeared! At first it was blurry, and after a few days of use it became clearer and clearer!

When that practitioner came back, I showed it to her. "I didn't send it to be repaired, however the screen is fixed already. It's because I spoke to it." And I told her about the entire experience. She felt amazed, and said, "You praised it, that's why it got better!"

Master said it very clearly in Zhuan Falun, "All matter in the universe, including all substances that permeate the universe, are living beings with thinking minds, and all of them are forms of existence of the universe's Fa at different levels." (From "Why Doesn't Your Gong Increase with Your Practice?" in Lecture One of Zhuan Falun)

Teacher also said, "In addition to human beings and animals, plants are also lives. Any matter's life can manifest in other dimensions." (From "The Issuing of Killing" in Lecture Seven of Zhuan Falun.)

Because we can't see it with our naked eyes, we sometimes forget to cherish things. Practitioners should use compassion to handle any life. They should especially treasure everything that they own.

My personal level is limited. Please kindly point out mistakes in my understanding.

Note: The official name of "Little Bumblebee" is the Falun Dafa Special Multipurpose Numeral Recording and Broadcast Machine.

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