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PureInsight | November 14, 2005

[] Cleveland, Ohio is a beautiful city that lies beside Lake Erie. Its population is approximately 480,000. On July 16th, 2005, Falun Gong practitioners of neighboring cities used their free time on Saturday to clarify the truth to the Cleveland Residents.

We divided ourselves into two groups. One group arrived at the Lake Erie harbor and distributed Falun Gong truth clarifying materials and newspaper to locals and tourists. The other group had a table at the Asian market, and established a "Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Withdrawal Service Center." Practitioners there distributed the "Nine Commentaries," and urged the passing Chinese and Westerners to withdraw from the evil communist party in order to ensure their own safety.

Left (Posters from the Left): "Patriotism ≠ Loving CCP," "China ≠ CCP," "Service Center to Withdraw from the CCP," "The Nine Commentaries are voices of blessing. Withdraw from the CCP to guarantee your safety."
Right: "Service Center to Withdraw from the CCP"

Beside Lake Erie, the bright sun was hanging high. Two Falun Gong practitioners busily handed out materials to the passing pedestrians. People smiled to give them their thanks. The practitioners ran into a young man who had just come from Zhejiang Province in China. When he saw Dafa materials were being freely distributed in America, he was deeply touched and started talking to the Dafa practitioners there. If only this kind of freedom of belief existed in China, then the people of China would be really blessed.

Beside the lake, a giant ship anchored at the docks. The ship is a steamboat of the Royal Canadian Navy open to visitors. It would be leaving for Canada tomorrow. A long line of people waited to get onto the steamboat. Falun Gong practitioners also went up to the people, giving everyone a precious gift – Dafa truth clarifying material.

The Asian market is a gathering place for Chinese and Westerners. In the broad hall, the most striking sign said, "China ≠ CCP", "Patriotism ≠ Loving CCP", "Nine Commentaries Spread Lucky Tunes, Withdraw from the CCP to Ensure Your Own Safety". What's really encouraging was, that the passing local Chinese people all carried compassionate smiles when they saw the signs, and took the "Nine Commentaries". Some walked over to our booth to find materials that strike their interest. One elderly woman took the newspaper, held it in front of her eyes and read while she walked. A practitioner ran towards her and gave her a CD. He told her that the CD had the same content as the newspaper, but could read the content out loud for her to listen. The old woman turned around and accepted the CD. She deeply bowed to this practitioner. There was another old person. When a practitioner was introducing him to the contents of the "Nine Commentaries", he continued to say, "Well written! Well written!"

There were also many Westerners who picked up the "Nine Commentaries" newspaper. When we told them that this series of documents has led to 5 million people to withdraw from the CCP, they would say, "I will read it for sure". Some signed on the petition that supports the withdrawal of Chinese people from the evil party. One Westerner told me that he is the owner of a small company. Recently, the local business people were organizing a trip to China to investigate potential investment opportunities there. He was hesitating and not sure whether he should go or not. I spoke to him about the hardworking Chinese people, the corruption of the Chinese officials, and the unscrupulous natural of the evil communist party. I told him that only when there isn't a communist party in China would investing in China be safe. He agreed with me whole-heartedly. He also said that the former Soviet Union had collapsed in just a few days, and the disintegration of the Chinese Communist Party would be just as haste.

Just about when our daily activities were ending, a Chinese person came up to us, and he was accompanied by a Hispanic woman. The woman pointed to the "China ≠ CCP" sign and with surprise she asked the young man, "What is that?" We saw this Chinese man pointing to this sign and saying things to the woman, so we passed her an English version of "Nine Commentaries." The woman thanked us. When they saw an old practitioner sitting in front of the booth and reading the "Nine Commentaries" who was glowing with health, we told them that he is already 85, and many diseases that he was suffering from had disappeared after he practiced Falun Gong. The Hispanic woman happily walked over and took a picture with the old man. After a while, her Chinese companion came over and asked us, "Why do you guys have to 'participate in politics?'" Our practitioners told him that we aren't 'participating in politics,' and we simply want everyone to know the truth. He then asked, "Why do we have to know the truth?" Our fellow practitioner then told him, "Starting from the ancient times, China had had the tradition of believing in Buddhism and Taoism, and Chinese people had been compassionate and trustworthy. On the other hand, the Chinese Communist Party has been using violent evil ideology to devastate the kindheartedness of the people. We tell the people what's really happening, it's making people separate themselves from the evil party, to separate from the dirty politics and return to compassion and honesty, and go back to our people's original culture. The young man sincerely said, "I understand. Actually, I've read the 'Nine Commentaries' on the Epoch Times website already."

There are many more stories about truth clarification. Everyone of us that participated all felt that such truth-clarification event should have taken place before, and we had made the people wait too long.

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