The Journey of a Cultivator: Part II. The Battle and the War

Evan Mantyk

PureInsight | November 21, 2005


Part II: The Battle and the War

In my years of college, I increased my knowledge
Of Falun Gong books and meditated.
The practice had been banned in China's distant land,
Such huge crime could not be contemplated.

So I painted a sign, telling truth in a line,
Righteous people are now being suppressed
Between class I was there, freezing wind I did bear,
While meditating. Students seemed impressed.

Some said I went astray, to Jesus I should pray,
But mostly they knew my message was good.
Year after year, they came to know Falun Gong's name
And that I was just doing what I should.

Looking back, I did win the battle I was in
But! I lost other battles in the war.
I had grown sickly thin, and those disciples in
China were still suffering even more.

My exercise movements, still needed improvements,
And my family thought I was quite weird.
No thoughts of social life, just my own bitter strife,
Alone on a mountain with a white beard.

Teacher Li, the Master, warned of this disaster,
Demons take advantage of zealotry.
Figuring out the cause, I got up without pause
From my fall, as those sly demons did flee.

Then, in my last school year, the cold felt less severe
For my thinking had completely transformed.
My frigid mood did change, and I became less strange,
My exercise movements were less deformed.

Before that I did scoff, when students all went off
To the 9-11 vigil at school.
The evil that they knew had nothing much to do
With me. Now, I knew I had been a fool.

I bowed my solemn head for all those who were dead
At the next vigil, with candle in hand.
Surrounded by my peers, earthly truth became clear,
All evil shall feel Heaven's reprimand.

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