The Loss of Water Supply in Harbin As a Result of Benzene Spill Is a Reminder to the Precious Chinese People

Shi Ming

PureInsight | November 28, 2005

[] On November 23, 2005, the Harbin City government updated its water situation, in which it revised the reason why water supply to the entire city had been cut off. In the update, Harbin City government no longer says when the water supply will resume. At Harbin City government's website, it made an announcement to close all the high schools and elementary schools for eight days.

Why had the water been cut off in the first place? At the beginning, the government cut off the water supply without giving a good explanation. All kinds of rumors began to circulate. One leading theory is that an explosion in the benzene factory of Jilin Chemical Company, which is located 380 km north of the water source of Songhua River (known in Russian as the Sungari River), spilled 100 tons of benzene into the river. Another rumor said that the city had cut off water supply because a major earthquake was going to occur in the near future. There were also many other rumors. Bottled water in the entire city was sold out quickly. Six million people who live in Harbin City are now in crisis and are panicking. It became a piece of headline news reported worldwide by a lot of western media, including AP, AFP, and the BBC.

The Harbin City government first announced that it would cut off the city's water supply around 8 PM on November 22, 2005. At that time, it simply said that the city's Water Supply Bureau had decided to temporarily cut off water supply for four days (but it also said that it would make announcement when it was going to resume the water supply). The official reason on why the water supply had been cut off was that the water pipeline needed to be repaired and maintained. People didn't buy that explanation. If the Water Supply Bureau needs to "thoroughly" maintain the water pipelines as the government had first said, shouldn't it have planned for it and announced it well ahead of the time?

It is obvious that the Harbin City government told lies from the very beginning and it is still reluctant to tell the truth. Only the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is capable of neglecting the people's daily needs, the safety of their drinking water and their precious lives.

It seems clear that the chemical explosion at Jilin Chemical Factory has indeed caused water pollution in the Songhua River. Since it is the source of the water supply in all the cities and counties along the shores, the entire region from Jilin City to Harbin City, which covers a distance of 260 KM, should cut off water supplied from the river in order to protect the local residents. But so far, only the water in Harbin City has been cut off. Besides, the chemical spill happened in November 13, but Harbin City didn't cut off its water supply until November 21. What were these cities' governments and relevant organizations doing for those eight long days?

The CCP hid the statistics about the SARS epidemic in China. China survived SARS, but the CCP has become an international laughingstock. Disaster never comes alone. China is now haunted by the avian flu. Will the CCP repeat its lies? Water is of supreme importance to the survival of people. We have to have clean water for drinking and washing; otherwise, water will become the medium for epidemic disease. Every human life is precious. How can a government not take extreme precautions to protect its people's lives?

Disasters not only test a government's ability to respond to emergency situations. They will also reveal a government's beliefs and nature. Why did the CCP deliberately hide the truth about the reason why the water in Harbin had been cut off? The Chinese people have the right to know the truth. The Chinese people need to know the truth. But where is the truth?!

Precious Chinese people, the evil CCP will never listen to the voices of the Chinese people. It will never value people's lives. Hurry up and read The Epoch Times' "The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party." Then you will be able to see through the CCP's nine inherited traits that forge its evil nature, including evil, deceit, incitement, unleashing the scum of society, espionage, robbery, fighting, elimination, and control. Release yourself from the prison of fear set up by the CCP.

The Heaven shall annihilate the CCP soon. The arrow is in the bow, ready to shoot at the heart of the CCP. The end of the evil CCP is near. In the past 55 years of its rule, the CCP has committed all the crimes imaginable and unimaginable. It has slaughtered 1/10 of the population in China. There is not a moment to lose. Withdraw from the CCP right away and encourage more Chinese people to do so. Let's help the Chinese people get rid of the evil CCP's corrupted and evil system that is anti-humanitarian, anti-humanity and anti-civilization.

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