Language Shock: Using these Terms for Life without Realizing What They Truly Mean

Jing Lian

PureInsight | December 5, 2005

[] As a person who grew up in Mainland China, my vocabulary includes many terms that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has made up over the last several decades. It isn't until recently that I began to question what these terms really mean.

1. "Construct the Country"

The CCP constantly says in its propaganda that it is leading the Chinese people to "construct the country." The land of China has existed since the beginning of time. The Chinese people are the products and beneficiaries of deeply-rooted culture, wisdom, and traditional moral standard. We have also been influenced and nurtured by the wisdom from every single Chinese dynasty. When the moral standard of the Chinese society was at its peak, the intelligent Chinese people developed civilizations that shine brilliantly throughout the ages. Many countries came to pay tribute to it, and the entire world was astounded by the deep inner meaning of the Chinese culture and how developed its civilization was.

But now, "construct the country" is actually nothing but constructing the CCP's evil dictatorship. By using this term "construct the country," many Chinese have forgotten their roots, and subconsciously think that their nation and culture are created by the CCP.

2. "Leaving the Post"

It means one has been laid off from the job. But through the mouth of the evil party, the term becomes so neutral and kind. Even the one who was fired would feel that they were just "leaving the post."

3. "Revolution"

This term has evolved into the wickedest word. During the time when the evil Communist specter first appeared, it used the term "revolution" to kill off industrialists, landlords, and wealthy farmers and divide their wealth, wives and daughters. During World War II, the CCP sold opium to the provinces ruled by the Nationalist Party in the name of "revolution," and the CCP shamelessly cooperated with the Japanese invaders. The CCP has been covering up all these facts and doesn't dare let the Chinese people know about them. Its history books contain numerous lies in order to continue to deceive the future generations. When they were fighting the Nationalist Party, under the name of revolution, they allowed 400,000 well-equipped Nationalist soldiers to surrender and join their own army and "liberate Changchun without a drip of blood" while murdering 200,000 refugees outside the city. During the Cultural Revolution, under the name of "revolution" they did all kinds of things that were utterly devoid of conscience, including murder, rape, and turning family members against one another. On June 4, 1989, they used the term "putting down a riot" to murder those harmless and innocent students. Now, using the same terminology, they are killing and persecuting the kind practitioners of Falun Gong, faithful believers of various religions, as well as those who hold a different opinion from that of the Party! Therefore "revolution" is but an excuse for the wicked Party to commit crimes. The [true] history has been covered up, and people have been fooled. But Heaven knows! The truth can't be tainted. People are waking up and the term "revolution" is losing its effect.

4. "Liberation War"

When a party mounts a military campaign to overthrow the rule of another party, it is simply a civil war. Yet the CCP calls its civil war with the Nationalist Party "the liberation war.' How does it have anything to do with liberation? It's not like the people were locked up in cages. How were they liberated? Under the evil Party's logic, without the CCP, there would be no China, despite its thousands of years of culture. It's like Chinese were suddenly grown by the CCP in 1949 from the ground up. They use the term "liberation" to represent the CCP's bringing the Chinese into the new society from the old. But it is in fact putting shackles on people's free souls and minds and has turned a free democratic society into a CCP-ruled dictatorship!

5. "Without the CCP there is No New China"

"New China" is the same as the previously mentioned "constructing a country," and used to fool the innocent people. This so-called new China is nothing but the product of a bloody war to overthrow the ruling government. This so-called new China is actually much worse than the country it was before, otherwise people in the Mainland wouldn't be so envious of Hong Kong and Taiwan, and there would be no need for reform and "the open door policy" in China. Reform and "the open door policy" have been effective because of the hard work the Chinese people, and it's not the evil Communist Party practicing charity to the people! The current CCP's brutality and corruption is being condemned and despised by the world. It is as brutal as other evil communist countries, such as the Russian Communist Party that killed 20 million people, including killing their victim's families to avoid revenge, and Cambodia's Khmer Rouge that killed 2 million out of a population of 8 million in 4 years. The Communist Party forces others to accept its ideologies, takes away people's free thought, is fearful of dissidents, and has done unimaginable horrors under the cover of their lies. The phrase "without the CCP there is no new China" serves to make Chinese people forget China's glorious history and traditional culture, forget its culture's history and traditions, forget the CCP's crimes of killing the innocent! It also wants people to forget heavenly laws (faith), and renders people ignorant so it can further enforce its control and lies. Can this be allowed? A famous author said, "Lies work, but only to a certain extent."

It's time to put the evil Communist Party on trial. In fact, a new China comes only when the CCP has ceased to be!

6. "Born under the Red Flag"
Every Chinese person is taught, "The party educated me and raised me. It gave me knowledge, gave me job opportunities, gave me my world view, and gave me the means to live." This is the result of the party's brainwashing. All of your parents' hard work became the Party's contribution! Without your parents parental love, you couldn't live the way you do now. If your teachers in school didn't teach you actual knowledge but instead taught you nothing other than to shout out the CCP's empty political slogans, perhaps you couldn't even support yourself! If you do not work in the society, if you do not work hard in your job, you won't get paid. Your salary is what you earn after hard work. This is how a human society works; this is what humans do. How was this supplied by the CCP? Every dynasty, every nation and every civilization has operated in such a way. But CCP tells people that their life is actually a gift from the CCP! The fact is, the CCP took the Chinese people's wealth, so now everything in China, from land, raw materials, plants and animals, belongs to it. It then turns around and lies to the people to make them forget the past and allow themselves be ruled by the CCP! They want you to feel grateful and be willing to give away your life for the evil party without questioning.

7. "70 Percent Accomplishment and 30 Percent Mistakes"

According to the evil communist party, 70 percent of what Mao Zedong, a former Chairman of the CCP, did was "accomplishment" and 30 percent was "mistake." His accomplishments include destroying the Chinese culture, destroying people's faith in religion and moral codes, such as Confucius teachings, Daoism and Buddhism's compassionate school of teachings. He did so to make room for himself, and make people only believe in the CCP. When people were hungry, they didn't bother asking what the CCP was and followed it in hopes of getting fed. Mao Zedong's Cultural Revolution killed a large number of educated Chinese (don't forget the murderer!), and forced the others to either aid him in his crimes or be persecuted or get killed, or be quiet and not voice their opinion. He is the one who created the evil Communist Party's system. The evil Communist Party uses literature and art in propaganda and changed history to prove the "correctness" of its wicked beliefs. What's more, it blamed all the Party's wickedness on the mistakes of a certain individual, such as Mao Zedong, and the Party takes no blame. And then it says it always "rectifies" the mistakes that certain individuals had made under the "Party's correct leadership." It is such an obvious lie! It's just like the June 4th massacre at Tiananmen Square in 1989. Deng Xiaoping wouldn't talk to the students because doing so would challenge the CCP's dictatorship.

To say it frankly, the CCP doesn't represent Chinese culture or the Chinese people! It's but a ruling party during a certain era, and it will be replaced if it can't serve the people, and virtuous people will lead the Chinese people.

The evil Communist Party is corrupt throughout its ranks, suppresses the people, persecutes the honest officials, ruins virtue, and accumulates wealth illegally. It is steering itself towards destruction. Heaven will destroy the CCP! It has always promoted atheism, persecuted righteous beliefs, and taken away people's beliefs in the gods. In the end, the gods will see to the destruction of CCP.


If you want to know more, please read "The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party," because it tells the real hidden past of the evil Communist Party! The evil Communist Party doesn't stand a chance facing "The Nine Commentaries." It doesn't even dare order people not to read it, because if it does so then they are helping the promotion of "The Nine Commentaries." It is fearful that people will learn of its lies, evils and brutalities. If it mentions "The Nine Commentaries" then it's just digging its own grave. CCP is like sitting on a spiked chair. "The Nine Commentaries" reveals the real CCP.

There is a Chinese proverb: if one doesn't want others to know his deeds, then don't do them. The real history will be known! The injustice will be rectified. Let me tell you good news, there are over 5 million people quitting the Chinese CCP, the evil Communist Party will be over very soon!

For those who still have a sense of justice in them, and wish to quit the evil party and all its associations, please dial the toll-free number 1-800-608-3158. The global quitting communist party service will help you quit the party. You can use a pseudonym. You can use public phone cards or IP calling. It will be safer for you.

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