Six Million Quitting the Chinese Communist Party and the Will of Heaven

Wang Yifeng

PureInsight | December 19, 2005


Six million people quitting the Party is an auspicious number for the nation.

As the number of people quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) approached the six million mark, all that remains before the CCP draws its last breath is its mournful wail. At the moment, the only remaining significance of the CCP is that it is a reference material that shows how it has chosen to represent evil in the process of the gods saving the human race. In this battle of good and evil, those who choose to support it will head for annihilation and darkness, and those who choose to forsake it will move away from the sea of bitterness and tread towards brightness and a new life.

We are happy to see that more than six million people have already left the abyss of the CCP. The "Exodus" from the Old Testament recorded that when the Israelites, guided by God, fled from the bondage and enslavement by the Egyptians, Egyptians were being punished by God. All the first born of the Egyptians and all their domestic animals were killed and sorrowful wailing were heard far and wide. Amongst those Israelites who escaped, besides women and children, there were six hundred thousand able-bodied men that could resist the pursuing Egyptian militia. Thereafter, a great nation faced a new life and became one of the most famous nations in the lengthy human history.

It is claimed that there are six million members in the CCP military. Therefore the more than six million who were able to quit the Party, have resisted the evil spirit that possessed the corrupted CCP military, and have moved the scale of justice to the side of righteousness. Six million Chinese people have chosen to quit the CCP, and a nation that is free from the CCP is born. The Chinese civilization is heading for revival and greatness. This is one of the significance I see in the six million people quitting the CCP.

Collapsed but Not Disintegrated by God's Design

The total collapse of the CCP is only a matter of time. The right time is in the hands of God. It is absolutely not as the humans think. Did in the Communist regimes in Eastern Europe and the former USSR collapse as the humans said they would? The free world in the west had done a lot of research on how to induce the collapse of the Communist Party in those countries. But the final process was not in accordance with what was expected. Actually, what was perceived as a very complex process turned out to be very simple. Cleary, it is Heaven's will! It is God's will!"

All the conditions for "heaven annihilating the CCP" are already in place. From November 2004, after the publication of the "Nine Commentaries", everything that has been happening in the human world revolves around the annihilation of the CCP. A net has been placed in heaven and on earth. One month later, on December 26, 2004, the tsunami in southeast Asia wiped out more than three hundred thousand people. Why did it happen? I think it is to let people know the power of heaven. In 2005, when Hu Jintao visited the USA, a hurricane hit New Orleans and converted it into a water inundated city. The "US Dream" of Hu Jintao was held back. Yet when another hurricane (Rita) hit the US, it was downgraded from a category 5 monster to a category 1 storm virtually overnight. But China, at that instant and without any warning, was hit by another hurricane and suffered great losses. Those with mental perception regarded it as "with one weakened, another one is intensified." There were Falun Gong practitioners who revealed it was God's design. The avian flu today that was expected for a long time to happen in China has now arrived tumultuously. God uses different ways to awaken the Chinese people and has prolonged the period before it happens to let more people be awakened and saved. It would be too easy for God to punish people. A wave of his hand and it would all be over, but God is merciful and has given the people the opportunity to make their own choices and has also made special efforts to save the Chinese people.

Since ancient times, China has been referred to as "the divine land," a land visited by gods and furthermore it is the stage of the gods. It had been decided at the initial stages of human history that the great and final showdown between good and evil in the universe would take place in China. At present the celestial phenomenon is at its final stage and is a great test for everyone. The CCP today appears to be collapsing but is still not disintegrating. It is absolutely not like what those people who are indifferent think, believing that the CCP may still have a chance to become good or that the righteous power is not strong enough. In fact, the gods are trying to save more people and are giving them time to break away from the control of the evil spirit and enter into the brightness of the future. This is "heaven annihilating the CCP" and everything is ready, and just waiting for the delivery of heaven's will.

There are a hundred reasons to condemn the CCP for the poisonous chemical discharge into the Songhua River in Jilin City, leading to the several million people in Harbin being without their source of drinking water. But there is one very crucial, yet neglected, reason why it happened. It is because out of all major cities in China, Harbin has all along been the city that murdered the highest number of Falun Gong practitioners while Jilin ranks the highest in the killing of Falun Gong practitioners out of all smaller regional cities in China. Today the CCP is making many million people pay for the crimes committed by the CCP. Everyone is dragged into it. The problem that led to this disaster was a number of broken containers of benzene. Under the scourge of the CCP in China today, how many more of these awful messes are there? In fact, everyone is sitting at the mouth of the volcano, and if one does not make a choice, one will only be entombed alive with the CCP!

Dig a Bit More

Let me narrate a positive story: Nature's storehouse, Sichuan Province, has been from time immemorial been a place of abundance, one of the main reasons being that it produces lots of table salt. There is a moving story regarding the discovery of the table salt that used to be more valuable than gold: There was a businessman who had been prospecting for salt for many years. He had used up all his family assets without any success. Eventually, his family's financial situation declined and was about to become bankrupt. It was the end of the year and the businessman used what was left of his family assets to exchange for some cash to pay his workers. On the last day, he gathered his workers together and paid them their salaries, apologized to them saying that they need not return the following year. He told them that he had become bankrupt and would no longer be able to employ them. The workers prepared to leave. But because the employer had been very good to the workers, they decided to stay for a while longer and dig the well a few more times in order to show their appreciation for the kindness that the employer had shown them. So they went back to the well platform and dug several times. Just then a gush came out from the well and spilled out salt of unprecedented high quality. That was the birth of the famous table salt in Sichuan Province.

I think that "the heaven annihilating the CCP" is like the well that contains "the salt of unprecedented high quality" for those people with kind hearts and blessed with good fortune, but it only requires them to just dig a bit more.

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