Lessons from Life: With Righteous Thoughts One Fears Nothing

Guan Ming

PureInsight | December 5, 2005

[PureInsight.org] As long as one lives on earth, almost every human being has the inborn mentality of fear. Besides the inevitable elements such as birth, old age, illness and death, things such as unstable living environment, unsatisfactory career development, and even ominous animals such as snake or toad can produce the mentality of fear. Moreover, during the past more than 80 years, the wicked Chinese Community Party (CCP) has been promoting violence and establishing its power by killing, Chinese people have been born to and living in fear. Therefore in comparison with people in other nations, the Chinese people's mentality of fear is especially deep-seated. Even after moving overseas, Chinese people's fear of the wicked CCP still exists.

However, if a person's mind has reached a relatively high realm, he/she will have righteous thoughts. He/she will take life and death lightly and fear nothing. Since ancient times, numerous loyal officials, righteous men and cultivators have held righteous thoughts and therefore haven't feared life and death. For example, Yue Fei (岳飛) dedicated himself to his country with absolute devotion. Facing the wrongful death sentence, he had no complaints or regrets, instead, he held his head high and took the execution nobly. During the Three Kingdom Period, when General Guan Yu lost a battle and was captured by the enemies, in the face of intimidation and temptations, his heart was as firm as iron and stone, and he never betrayed his king. At the end of the Song Dynasty, Wen Tianxiang (文天祥) (1,236 – 1,283 A.D.) led the Song army to defend the country against the Monguls. He was captured in a battle, and wrote the ever spreading, clangorous poem in prison, "Song of Righteous Spirit (正氣歌)," "Righteous spirit permeates throughout heaven and earth, though it may be invisible to naked eye. At the bottom level, it resides in rivers and mountains. At the top level, it resides in the sun and stars. When it resides in a human, it makes him a noble person. When a person's righteous spirit is strong, it can soar high into the universe." In front of intimidation and lures, Wen Tianxiang told Khubilai Khan (1,215 – 1,294 A.D.), founder and the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty, "Except for death, I cannot do anything for you." His two most famous lines in the poem entitled, "Crossing the Lonely Sea": "Since the old days, who can be spared from death? I'll leave a loyal name in history!" has also raised the indelible milestone in honorable gentlemen's hearts.

In modern history, an attorney with conscience, Mr. Gao Zhisheng, in the face of unprecedented dictatorship and bloody tyranny, with a full heart of righteousness, stood up out of his sense of duty to defend people that others don't dare to, including kind-hearted Falun Gong practitioners. He has lit the lamp of hope for the poor and weak, and with extraordinary courage, he is inspiring others to pursue fairness and protect kindheartedness. The wicked CCP's despotic power and striking force have not intimidated Mr. Gao, instead, he has preserved his conscience and persisted in standing up against the persecution. His great wisdom and courage are admirable, and his character and integrity are touching. His concern for fellow Chinese people and his guarding of kindheartedness and honesty will earn him world's respect and eternal life.

Since ancient times, evil cannot subdue righteousness. Attorney Gao Zhisheng's noble behavior of not fearing brutal force, upholding conscience, promoting justice, and appealing on behalf of people, while disregarding his own individual life and death, has moved millions upon millions of Chinese people and foreign friends. The ancient saint said, "If the populace doesn't fear death, what good will it do to threaten them with death?" When all Chinese people can break away from their fear of the wicked Community Party of China and bravely withdraw from it just like Attorney Gao Zhisheng has done, it is the moment for the wicked CCP to be extinguished!

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2005/11/18/34645.html

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