Drive out Gonggong, Evil Predecessor of the Communist Party from Ancient China

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PureInsight | January 9, 2006

[] [Note: Gonggong (or 共工 in Chinese) literarily means "working together." According to Chinese historical records, it was an evil being that did a lot of evil things to the Chinese people throughout history.

According to the book Huai Nan Zi (淮南子), Emperor Zhuanxu (顓頊), also known as Gaoyang (高陽), was a monarch in ancient China. He was the grandson of the Yellow Emperor. He was benevolent, virtuous and wise. Peopled admired his virtues and were happy to live under his rule. Birds and beasts were also tamed by his virtue. Gonggong was an evil being who started a flood. Emperor Zhuanxu tamed the flood and defeated Gonggong. "Driven by rage, Gonggong hit Mount Buzhou (不周山), the heavenly column that supported the heaven and earth, hard. The collapse of Mount Buzhou caused colossal damage. The earth cracked and the northwestern side of the sky tilted downward. The sun, the moon and stars in the north slid down towards the west. Because the earth cracked in the southeast, water flowed to the southwest." According to legends, it is why the northwestern part of China is higher than the southwestern part of China, and why most rivers and seas in China are located in the southwestern side.

According to Shangshu (尚書), Gonggong was an official in charge of water in ancient China. Emperor Yao (堯), a sage-king in ancient China described Gonggong as someone "who spoke sweetly while committing evil deeds in secret, and who appeared to be respectful but actually defied all laws, human or divine." He was eventually exiled as one of the four demons.

According to Huai Nan Zi, during the rule of Emperor Shun (舜), Gonggong caused big floods that destroyed all the mulberry fields. When Yu (禹) tried to tame the floods, Gonggong jumped out again to make trouble. According to The Classics of Mountains and Rivers (山海經), Yu drove out Gonggong and saved the Chinese people from the evil. One of Gonggong's henchmen was Xiang Yao (相繇), who had nine heads and the body of a snake. Eventually Emperor Yu tamed the floods and killed Xiang Yao. After his death, Xiang Yao's blood was filthily stinky. No crops could grow on the land touched by his blood.

According to other ancient Chinese myths, Gonggong was a god of water with a human head and the body of a snake. Its head was covered with hair as red as the color of fire. It had a violent temper and a taste for human blood. With the help from two accomplices who were also water demons, Gonggong ran rampant in China. One of the water demons was called Xiang Liu (相柳), who had nine heads and the body of a blue snake. It enjoyed killing and was the main accomplice of Gonggong. The other accomplice was called Fu You (浮游), who had a face as fierce-looking as a devil and also did all kinds of evil things.

But no matter how evil and how notorious Gonggong was known to be in Chinese history, Mao Zedong, the Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) bragged and boasted that his CCP gang members were actually the followers of Gonggong. In one of his poems, Mao said, "On a cold day the leaves on tens of thousands of trees turned crimson red […] Arousing thousands of workers and farmers, get together and fight! Create chaos with red flags at the foot of Mount Buzhou."

At the end of the poem, Mao intentionally added a comment: "Gonggong is actually the victorious hero. You see, 'Driven by his outrage, he hit the Mount Buzhou.' But did Gonggong die? It didn't say that. Apparently he didn't die. Gonggong was the ultimate winner." Mao clearly was praising and paying tribute to the evil Gonggong.

While I was detained in a forced labor camp for refusing to give up practicing Falun Gong, a former practitioner who had been brainwashed and became an accomplice of the Chinese Communist Party in its persecution against Falun Gong approached me and attempted to brainwash me as well. I asked him, "After the Industrial Revolution in the west, Gonggong appeared in the human world again on a large scale. Suppose what's happening today is another battle between the righteous Emperor Zhuanxu and the evil Gonggong, which side would you take?" The person was stunned and couldn't think of anything to say.

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