Young Practitioners' Tales: Rectify the Spiritual State When Clarifying the Truth

PureInsight | December 5, 2005

[] I am a college student and obtained Falun Dafa in 1998. Here I would like to share some of my cultivation experience.

I feel that majority of young students in Mainland China have been deeply poisoned by the evil Communist party. I should hurry up and encourage them to read the "Nine Commentaries." I mainly use conversation to talk about the truth on campus. I can talk more in the dorm. Often, after the light is turned off, classmates sharing the same room will start to chat. We often criticize the evil Marxism and Leninism and I use the opportunity to talk about quitting CCP and so on.

One time I wanted to go to a school nearby to tell the truth. But I was a bit afraid for my safety. After many days' planning, I finally went there. After I finished it, I felt extremely happy and relieved. A thought passed through my mind, "Why do I feel so relieved?" Every time when I finish a difficult task of telling the truth, I always have this feeling. Have all sentient beings been saved? Or is it because I have finished a task? I felt that my thinking was not right.

Through thinking back, I found that my feeling of relief was because I considered the truth clarification as a job. I was clarifying the truth because I felt external pressure. I felt that I wouldn't be able to face Master and I myself wouldn't be able to reach consummation if I don't do it. I placed myself rather than the welfare of sentient being first. Bearing such a mindset, I was only paying attention to completing the tasks at hand. As time went by, I was doing a job the way that ordinary people do. I told myself that I must study Fa well and rectify the frame of mind that I am in when I clarify the truth.

I live in a school dormitory. In order to send out righteous thoughts in the early morning, I use a radio that can be automatically turned on at the set time to avoid using an alarm that will affect my roommates. I put on the headphone at night before I go to sleep. When the radio is turned on at the time that I need to send righteous thoughts, only I can hear it. That is how I can get up on time to send out righteous thoughts without affecting my roommates.

Looking back the past few years, I feel what a practitioner said in an article published on a Dafa website is very good: don't be upset when we encounter difficulties because Dafa is mighty and indestructible and don't be pleased with ourselves after we have small achievements because everything came from Dafa.

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