Tales from Aunt Ming Zhu (Part VII): Three Liars

Xiao Mei

PureInsight | December 19, 2005

[PureInsight.org] "Xiao Mei," said Aunt Ming Zhu. "I will tell you a few entertaining stories. In fact, they are true stories that I have personally witnessed."

"Great. Please tell me at once," I said.

"I will tell you stories about thee liars from different social strata. They are the products of the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) systematic education in deceit."

"The first story is about a petty liar that took place during the Great Cultural Revolution. It was a woman named Liu. She was my neighbor. She was known as "Skanky Liu." How did she obtain this nickname? She was a very lazy and sloppy woman. Her husband worked and provided for the entire family. Skanky Liu went to a technical school, so she should have been able to get a job matching her skills. But she didn't want to lift a finger. It would be perfectly fine if she were a dutiful housewife, but she left her children running around without clothes and barefooted. Her husband was a factory worker of the 8th level and should have been able to give his family a comfortable life. However, Liu was a lazy, greedy woman. The minute she got money, she would spend it on fish and meat. When she ran out of money, she borrowed it from people, but she would never pay it back. She often committed scams against elderly egg vendors from farming villages for money. After a while, these elderly women from farming villages learned their lesson. They hunted for Liu to get the money she owed. Liu became frightened and tried to hide at the first sign of alert. She also told everyone the lie that Liu Shaoqi, the former Chairman of the CCP, was her uncle. She failed to perform her duties as a mother and a housewife. Moreover, she lied to give herself airs.

Guess what happened to this infamous liar during the Great Cultural Revolution? She became a celebrity! She was a very eloquent liar and would even write lies on the posters. The CCP made her a celebrity and a hero of the CCP's Revolutionary Faction. For a period of time, people weren't allowed to cook at home and were made to eat in the public cafeteria. All the walls inside and outside of the cafeteria were covered with large posters she wrote to condemn the Conservative Faction. During the meals, she would give speeches to support the CCP's theories. After a while, the CCP's city committee began to notice her. The CCP made her a celebrity and often invited her to give speeches at the city's revolution committee meetings. Once she carried her two-year-old child to the stage and complained in tears and with running nose about how the Conservative Faction attacked her small child and her with a knife. Then she unbuttoned her blouse to reveal the scar on her chest. She also showed the audience a scar on top of her child's head."

"Were they real scars?" I had to ask.

"Indeed they were real scars. When the audience saw the scars, they immediately believed her stories and were brought to tears. The mob became vexed and swore to lynch everyone from the Conservative Faction."

"Aunt Ming Zhu, it sounds just like the way the CCP spread vicious rumors to incite people's hatred of Falun Gong. A few years ago China's CCTV broadcast a staged self-immolation act at Tiananmen Square to rouse people's hatred towards Falun Gong. The CCP used the same approach when it told "skanky Liu" to instigate people's hatred towards the Conservative Faction. In both cases, the CCP tried to spur people's hatred towards the target group it was trying to suppress."

Aunt Ming Zhu replied, "You are right. It is all the same. The CCP has been using the same deceitful scheme to run the country. This is what its rule is based upon."

Aunt Ming Zhu added, "Let me tell you more about this liar. Some of the audience lived in the same neighborhood as Liu. The more they listened, the more vexed they became. When they couldn't take it any longer, they groaned in disgust and left. Why? It is because they knew the truth about her. She indeed carried a scar on her chest, but it was from the surgery to remove the pus from the breast infection. Her small child did carry a scar on his head, but it was also from a surgery to remove the pus from the infection caused by the lack of bathing and shampooing for a long time. You see? She told nothing but lies."

"What happened to her later?" I asked.

"Later she fell into obscurity. After Liu Shaoqi was imprisoned, Liu would no longer tell anyone that he was her uncle. After the Great Cultural Revolution, some people found out the truth about her, but others might have lived the rest of their lives as victims of her lies. Back then, some people who knew the truth about her dared not step out and reveal the truth. It is just like today. Even though people know Falun Gong practitioners are kindhearted people, but they didn't have the courage to step out and tell the CCP regime so when the CCP began to persecute Falun Gong. Today's people from China have been educated to play stupid while acting as though they were smart. Everyone wants to protect himself. If everyone had refused to fall prey to the CCP's lies and if everyone had stood up to tell the truth back in the Great Cultural Revolution, liars of all sorts would not have found any audience." Aunt Ming Zhu let out a long sigh.

"Next I will tell you a story about another liar. This one was more skilled in telling lies. He was the Secretary of the CCP branch in my organization. His story took place before the story of Liu. It took place during the Great Leap Forward where there was a severe shortage of food in China because the CCP pulled everyone from the paddies for its failed attempt to forge steel despite the lack of technology. Everyone knew there was a shortage of food. Our work organization was affiliated with the CCP government, but we were each given only 26 catties of grain per month. It was mandatory that we donate one catty of grain to the country. Ninety percent of the remaining 25 catties of grains was sweet potato flour. In other words, we were given meager rations. However, the Secretary of the CCP branch at our organization would announce at each meeting that China was in great prosperity. He would typically declare, "There is a food surplus every day and every month. There are always leftovers. It is the CCP that we must thank for this." Everyone knew it was a lie. Some of my male colleagues would take days off towards the end of each month. Why? They were too hungry to get up from bed. They lay on the bed and barely survived by drinking cabbage soup and soy sauce. They didn't have any grain until they received the next month's grains. Back then, there was no such thing as 'diet' or 'watching one's weight.' Everyone in China was skinny. Take me as an example. I weighed only 88 lbs. I was a walking twig. I didn't have to watch for weight gain at all. Despite the fact we were starving, we had to repeatedly endure the Secretary's lies."

"A few years later when people returned to the paddies, the famine finally began to subside. That was when the secretary finally told the truth. He said, 'Actually, in the past few years our family would travel to farming villages to buy hundreds of catties of grain from the village government's warehouses. Otherwise, my family and I would have starved to death years ago.' [Note: The CCP government took the grain as taxes from the farmers according to the grossly exaggerated harvests reported by the local CCP officials in order to support Chairman Mao Zedong's lies that each paddy can grow 100,000 lbs of rice under the CCP's rule. As a result, the farmers were starved to death even though the CCP government had stored a lot of grain in the government warehouses. Please read The Epoch Times' The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party for details of the famine in China.] We young people were enraged when we heard the truth. Some of my colleagues were even younger than I was. They were new graduates from college. They were very gullible and thought they had consumed too much food and caused the nation's famine. It turned out that the CCP government officials kept the food to themselves and watched people starve to death. Now they knew they had been victims of the CCP's lies."

"I am now an old woman. Every time I think of this part of history, I will remember my work colleagues when I was young. My male colleagues suffered more because they had to eat more, but they were not given larger rations of grain. Some of them became ill and others even starved to death. One of them came to my dream the other night. He told me in the dream that he died of complications from starvation and that he would have had the opportunity to read The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and see through the CCP's lies if he had not starved to death. Fortunately I am still alive. I have published a statement for him to withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organizations. I think I have at least fulfilled my obligation to him as a friend."

"The third liar was the number one liar in our city. It was a professional group of liars -- our city's Revolution Committee. One day we were received orders to attend a large rally of 10,000 people. After the rally, we had to go to the train station to welcome a giant mango to be presented to Chairman Mao Zedong. Our organization was supposed to stand in the first row, so I was able to see the mango up close."

Once at the train station, I saw four people brought up a palanquin with a giant mango in a glass shield on top of it. By putting the mango on a palanquin, the crowd will be able to see the fruit from a distance. I carefully inspected the giant mango up close. It was as big as a big watermelon. I think it must have been 20 lbs at least. It had a shiny, golden surface and looked very pretty. Next, someone from the city's Revolution Committee spoke. They said, 'It was a gift from a foreign government to our great leader Chairman Mao Zedong. The Chairman treasured it too much to eat it, so he decided to give it us workers.' Wow! Next applause and shouting of slogans flooded the place and lasted for over 20 minutes."

"During the uproar, I began to think, 'Is the mango a tree fruit or ground fruit? If it is a tree fruit, where would you find such a giant tree with giant branches to support such a giant mango? If it is a ground fruit, the side facing the sun would be a different color. It is impossible for a mango to have the same color on every inch of its surface.' Given my physics background, I have a tendency to analyze."

"This question bothered me a long time. Finally I decided to ask a work colleague from southern China. I told him what I had observed and asked him, 'You are from southern China. Could you tell me if the mango is a tree fruit or ground fruit?' His reply made me even more confused. He replied, 'Take a trip to the stories and you will understand everything.' I was a little upset with him for not giving me a direct answer. Why must I go through the trouble of going to the stories to find the truth? I found him a bit strange in his reply. I didn't go to the stories because I thought he was just trying to get rid of me."

"After a period of time, I went shopping at a store. I wanted to buy some blue fabric I saw on the stand, but the clerk refused to sell any of it to me. Why? Next I went to another store to buy fruit, but the owner refused to sell me any, too. I saw with my own eyes that there was fruit inside the glass display table. These two incidents reminded me of my colleague' words. I finally realized why he insisted that I take a trip to the stores. Actually there was only a thin layer of fabric wrapped around the fabric board. A less perceptive customer would think there was a lot of fabric in the stores, but the truth was that they didn't have any but the small amount in display. The fruits in the glass display case were made of wax. They were beautiful to look at and would never rot, but the truth was that there wasn't any fruit for sale in the store. It turned out the giant mango was also made of wax. No mango could grow to the size of a watermelon. My work colleague knew the truth perfectly well, but he dared not explain the truth to me. That was when I realized that each and every level of the CCP government had been lying to the Chinese people. Some Chinese people were gullible and others dared not reveal the truth although they didn't believe any of it. This is the truth of the Chinese people's lives. Thousands of people stood at the train station being the bull's eye of an easy target for lies. In addition, they had to clap in tears, thanking the CCP for lying to them. You see? How much more ridiculous can it get? At the same time, it is terribly sad!"

"Since we are on the subject of the CCP, I might as well talk about withdrawing from the CCP and its affiliated organizations. Millions of people have withdrawn from the CCP. Who knows if, one day, Heaven will suddenly annihilate the CCP in a flash? Nevertheless, some people are still reluctant to sever ties with the CCP. Do such people really not know the truth about the CCP? They perfectly well know the truth about the CCP, but why do they refuse to withdraw from the CCP? It is because the CCP has granted them some benefits and material gains. They think of nothing but their personal gains. They do not know the severity of the matter and they don't believe that disasters await them if they don't withdraw from the CCP soon. They don't understand that the evil CCP's terrible crimes have enraged the Heaven. The Heaven is about to annihilate the CCP. What is the CCP made of? It is made of CCP members! When Heaven eliminates the CCP, it means Heaven will eliminate its members! However, everyone determines his own fate. There is nothing you can do if they don't choose wisely for their future."

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2005/10/13/34189.html

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