Tales from Aunt Ming Zhu (VIII): The Rightist Female Doctor

Xiao Mei

PureInsight | December 19, 2005

[PureInsigh.org] "Xiaomei, during the past several days, I became quite disturbed whenever I thought about the shameful things the evil party has done. The more I thought about it, the more I felt the evil of the CCP's actions. "The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party" said that it was due to an evil specter. I am in full agreement with that suggestion. The past has shown that charlatans, bums, liars, and those who are involved in shady activities are its advocates. Yet, good people with high morals are either penalized or repressed."

"Tell me who and what is on your mind?" I am quite sure that today Aunt Ming Zhu will tell me a story about good people.

"You can read my mind! Young lady, you have guessed what's on my mind. Yeah, I thought of Doctor Yu.

It is a long story, which begins with my father's illness. It was in the 60s. I was hospitalized for inflammation of the kidneys. My two children and a teenage niece, who lived with us while attending school, were alone at home, as my husband often was gone on business trips. Therefore, my elderly father had to come and help out.

One night, my niece came to the hospital and told me that my father had become seriously ill and that he was waiting at the hospital entrance. I rushed to see him. I was shocked! Half his body was paralyzed, and he couldn't speak. My niece and I immediately took him to the emergency room (ER).

Several patients were waiting in line in the ER. A middle-aged female doctor, Dr. Yu, was on duty. This is the Dr. I'm going to tell you about. She was tall, good-looking, and very sedate. When I think back now, she was probably of an interracial background. I briefly told her what had happened. She said immediately, 'Your father has suffered an acute stroke. The earlier he gets treated the better. The best result is usually achieved during the first 24 hours. This is very important. I want to treat him as soon as possible, but you have to explain it to the other patients.'

I turned around, bowed to the patients, and explained to them my father's situation, as well as the doctor's feelings. They all said, 'OK. Since the doctor has said so, let the old man get treated first.'

While writing a prescription for another patient, Dr. Yu told me to bring my father to one of the treatment rooms. She told the nurse to prepare an anesthetic, and said she would be there shortly. Within a few minutes, she came to the room and told me, 'I'll inject into the cervical vertebra. Please watch your father and tell me if his pupils contract and his limbs start to move.' She injected the anesthetic that the nurse had prepared, and hurried back to the ER.

I watched my father closely, just as instructed by Dr. Yu. Within ten minutes his pupils contracted and his paralyzed limbs could move. I had no medical background, but I knew Dr. Yu's method worked. I immediately told her about this. She was very happy and checked my father into the hospital. She told me, 'I hope the doctors there will treat him two more times like that, half an hour apart. If they refuse, please tell them that Dr. Yu would like to help. Then you come and see me.'

We went to the medical ward and the doctor-in-charge received us. As predicted, he handled it differently. He said that blood pressure had to be reduced before anything else. I told him about Dr. Yu's suggestion. He did not like what he heard and said, 'Please don't be too optimistic. Your father is so old and his blood pressure is very high.' My instinct told me that Dr. Yu's medical skills were better, and I wanted him to follow her method. Therefore, I told the doctor, 'Since you're so busy, can I ask Dr. Yu to do it?' He was a little upset and said, 'What Dr. Yu did was just cervical vertebra procedure. Others can do it too.'

He did it rather unwillingly and I felt he was not a good doctor who could give injections well. He tried it again and again to find the correct spot. It took quite a while to find the right spot. But, he did exactly what Dr. Yu had instructed.

During the eight days in the hospital, my father got better and better. After he was discharged, he lived without any further health problems for ten more years. If he had been treated with the usual procedure, I'm nearly 100 percent positive, my father would have become paralyzed.

Dr. Yu and I must have had a predestined relationship. Ten years later, I was transferred to do instrument maintenance in that hospital, and my room was next to Dr. Yu's. I asked her as soon as I saw her, 'Do you remember me?' She said no. I told her about bringing my father to ER ten years ago. She remembered, and said, 'In fact, under standard procedure, such patients should be hospitalized first. Even my husband said the same that night. But I wanted to gain time, and thus decided to give you father the injection before arranging his hospitalization.' I was very touched, 'She thought of her patient first.' Later, I learned that she used to be the Director and Professor of the Neurology Department of a well-known medical university. But, labeled a rightist, she was transferred to a small hospital and made to serve as an ordinary doctor.

While being her neighbor, I witnessed another incident that proved her outstanding medical skills. The mother of a friend of mine was paralyzed for many years. The elderly lady was a very good person and treated people politely. Every time I went to see her, she told me that she felt like a burden to her son. She had always thought life was worse than death, but death just wouldn't come. One day I went to the friend's home again. Seeing the old lady suffering, I thought of Dr. Yu, and wondered if she could cure the patient who had been paralyzed for so many years. After leaving my friend's home, I went straight to Dr. Yu's home. I explained to her the situation and asked her if she had time to take a look? I knew she was very busy, and often saw patients at night. To my surprise, she promised to see her right away."

"Are you saying she went to see her that very night?"

"Exactly. She was such a good doctor, who indeed thought first of the patient before anything else. As soon as she arrived at my friend's home, Dr. Yu spoke to the entire family and asked about the medical and drug history. Then she touched the patient's back with her hand. In the end, she sighed, 'my preliminary diagnosis is bone tuberculosis. Please bring her to the hospital tomorrow for an X-ray. I want to make sure that my diagnosis is right.' The next day's X-ray proved that Dr. Yu was right. Once, the lady was treated for bone tuberculosis she recovered in less than two months."

"Are you saying she could walk again?"

"That's right. Not only she could walk again, but also she could make shoes for her children and grandchildren."

"This Dr. Yu appears to have supernatural abilities. So the original diagnosis was wrong."

"That's right. For so many years, the lady was treated as a paralyzed stroke patient. They all misdiagnosed her. Think about it, how grateful the old lady was. She had been waiting for death, but all of a sudden she was again perfectly healthy. Therefore, besides telling everyone how great Dr. Yu was, the old lady told her children, 'Remember, Dr. Yu gave me a second life. From now on, if Dr. Yu needs help, you must help her, no matter what. You must remember to repay my great benefactor.'"

"Even I am touched."

"Dr. Yu treated everybody so nicely. The patients respected her very much. But such a good person, under the evil communist party's ruling, had a difficult life. She was kept as an emergency hospital doctor, and viewed inferior to others. Labeled as a rightist, one belongs to the five categories of disgraced people."

"Can you find Dr. Yu now?" Honestly, I want to meet this good doctor. I think her eyes must be very beautiful.

"It's really hard to say. At the time I first met her, she was about fifty years old. Now forty years have passed, who knows if she is still alive. Anyhow, these good people live in my heart forever, and I always pray for heavenly blessings in my heart for them. Isn't there a song called 'Good people live a safe life.' I believe good people will indeed live a safe and happy life. And even when they have passed away, their souls will be peaceful and happy forever."

Yes, I believe so too. My heart became even more peaceful and cheery at the end of the story.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2005/10/17/34249.html

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