Study the Fa in the Fa and Cultivate in the Fa

A Dafa Disciple from Sydney

PureInsight | December 12, 2005

[] Reading everyone's experience sharing articles recently, I have thought a lot. I could see the hearts of many Dafa practitioners opening up to all of us.

In various practitioners, I also saw myself. Although I didn't participate in certain specific activities mentioned in the experience-sharing articles, many suggestions, ideas, criticisms and concerns that practitioners described in the articles still sounded very familiar, as if I had been in the situation.

Reflecting on myself, I found many attachments. One of them is that once I was responsible for arranging an activity that promotes the Fa. I was afraid that other practitioners hadn't understood all the details. So I explained the same thing to the practitioners over and over again. I thought I was being responsible for the Fa and trying to do my task well. Many times I told myself: I won't say anything more after this time.

Until one time before the group sharing, I made up my mind to read "Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Boston" ten times before going to the experience sharing. After I finished reading it for the third time, I already couldn't stop my tears from falling down my face. Only the Fa has the fundamental power to purify things. Cultivation is truly hard. Even if we can recognize our attachments when studying the Fa, we tend to be buried by our human hearts again once we start doing projects. When I read the lecture for the fifth time, I realized one thing, and that is how to study the Fa in the Fa, cultivate in the Fa, accomplish our mission of Fa-rectification in the Fa, and understand the Fa in the Fa.

The attachment of "proving to others that I am right" is so hard to put down. This is the attachment that I have been trying to use the Fa to cover over and over again during the last several years. It is difficult to let go of that attachment because I always thought I was right and the surface appearance also showed that I was right (at least that is how I saw it). Now, I actually understand that our hearts form our entire environments. The great Fa is boundless. If we see and recognize other practitioners' accomplishments more, we will naturally be able to consummate our own worlds in a more harmonious way.

Let's cultivate together diligently and treat our fellow practitioners like sisters and brothers.

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