Predestined Relationships with My Fellow Countrymen inside the Chinese Consulate in Toronto

Wang Deyu

PureInsight | December 26, 2005

[] I immigrated to Toronto in 1995. At that time, I lived right across the street from the Chinese Consulate in Toronto. Back then, the people who worked in the visa division weren't very busy. I often went over there to chat with them. I told them to come and get me if they needed any help. After I obtained the Fa in 1996, my interactions with them only increased. Afterwards, I moved into the apartment complex for senior citizens near the consulate.

After July 20th of 1999 when the Chinese regime began to persecute Falun Gong, I knew that the consulate was the mouthpiece of the Jiang regime's evil political propaganda against Falun Gong. Therefore, I often worried that my fellow countrymen inside the consulate had been deceived by the lies and were doing bad things, resulting in their being punished in the end. Even though the people that I knew well had returned to China by then, our Teacher has told us to save the precious Chinese people. I constantly wanted to tell the truth to them as early as possible so they would be saved and have a good future. I always waited for opportunities to spread the Fa to them. So we took turns clarifying the truth about Falun Gong in front of the consulate. We handed out truth-clarification material and send righteous thoughts in front of the consulate seven days a week, 24 hours a day and we have kept it up until today.

Several years ago, I was handing out truth-clarification material in front of the consulate one day. An elderly man who looked familiar to me went inside the complex. Before he went inside, he spat out phlegm behind practitioners who were practicing the exercises to show his disdain. I immediately thought to myself, "If he behaves this way again, I will go up and reason with him." I also sent righteous thoughts at the same time and used the pure thoughts of a cultivator to cleanse the evil elements around us. Two hours later, he cowered and lowered his head when he walked by in front of me. From then on, I saw him going in and out of the consulate all the time. I had given him truth-clarification material. When we ran into each other, I always nodded my head in acknowledgement and greeted him. Once he told me, "I have come to understand it. So have my relatives and friends. We all know that Falun Dafa is good. But what you are doing is futile. The Chinese Communist Party has been like this for several decades. It is just what it is. If it wants you to die, there is no way you can live." I told him that it is different this time, as it was a fight between human beings and gods. I also told him that those bad people who had persecuted cultivators throughout history all received punishments in the end.

During the six years while we have tried to safeguard the Fa, every autumn when the leaves started falling, practitioners and our fellow countrymen inside the consulate often worked together to sweep the falling leaves. Sometimes they swept the leaves going from the north to the south, and we swept the leaves going from the south to the north. When our two piles met together, I always felt very emotional. I felt my heart was bleeding and tears were flowing down my cheeks. We have come from the same root! It is the evil Party that separated us. As a result, I am unable to return to my home in China and visit my 95-year-old mother who only dares to practice the Falun Gong exercises secretly at home. The people who don't become awakened won't be able to return to their homes in heaven either. At such moments, I could only condense the tens of thousands of word that I wanted to tell the people inside the consulates into one sentence and whisper to them, "You should read the Clearwisdom website more. The dawn's light is right ahead of you."

Every winter when the snow fell, practitioners would sweep snow in front of the Chinese consulate. We did our best to sweep as much snow as fast as we could, hoping that our countrymen would realize that we are all good people who are being persecuted and can't go back to China because we are on their blacklist. Even though they are much younger, sometimes they still run out of breath from exhaustion while sweeping the snow. I would tell them, "I am in my 70s. Yet I am extremely healthy and all the diseases that I had suffered from are all gone now." Those who have a little bit more courage would ask me quietly, "Why is it?" I would tell him loudly, "Falun Dafa is good. Please remember 'Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance' in your heart. You will definitely receive blessings because of it."

In order to save sentient beings, I often used the surveillance system that the people inside the consulate had installed around us to read messages from our posters and truth-clarification material to the people inside the consulate. No matter whether it is in the height of the summer or the winter, no matter how much snow falls, we will continue to carry out our mission until the persecution ends and all sentient beings are saved.

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