My Understanding after Holding "Validating the Fa by Falun Gong Practitioners" Photo Exhibit

Huang Huijun

PureInsight | January 2, 2006

[] Dafa practitioners held a photography exhibit at Zhanghua Teacher's College from October 31 to November 4 of 2005. It was the first time that Falun Dafa had been introduced at Zhanghua Teacher's College, and it was also the first Fa-rectification activity held on that college campus. I want to thank fellow practitioners in Zhanghua for doing everything they do to help out with the exhibit, including transporting the photos, advertising the event inside and outside the campus, and making arrangements at the exhibit site. I really appreciate all the efforts that fellow practitioners put into the exhibit to make it a success. Although we encountered some small problems when we first opened the exhibit, we overcame all the difficulties one by one.

Through holding the photograph exhibit, I clearly recognized many of my own shortcomings. To be honest, at the very beginning, I treated the exhibit as an event of ordinary people. I could feel that I was always worried about one thing or another. In fact, I was afraid that not many people would come, the college would object to our proposal to hold the exhibit on campus, and our advertisement would not be sufficient to attract a good turnout. All kinds of negative thoughts came out of my head at that time. An older practitioner saw my worries and told me calmly, "Set your mind at ease. There is nothing to worry about." When I heard those words, I realized that I had a problem. I told myself that I shouldn't worry about anything since Master had arranged everything already, and I must believe in Master! Later on, a fellow practitioner wrote me a note that said, "Wake up the people around you." When I read it, to my great surprise, tears flowed down my face. The note made me realize how much responsibility I carry more deeply. I understood more clearly that the photography exhibit was absolutely different from an activity of ordinary people, and its purpose is to tell the truth to ordinary people and save them.

Once I realized the importance of the event, I tried even harder to promote the exhibit and asked my classmates to come and see it. In the past, I had always felt scared and uncomfortable when handing out flyers. But after I realized the importance of the event, I felt that Master had provided me with so much courage. While the exhibit was being held on campus, fellow practitioner Meng Yi and I kept on distributing flyers for our event. We didn't want to miss any opportunity to let people know about it. My classmates saw my efforts and started to help us pass out flyers too.

Although the exhibition lasted only 5 days, we received many positive comments from students, professors and people outside the campus. The comment sheets they filled out were all positive. A student happened to pass by the exhibit site and came in to see the photographs. He came back several days later and asked a female practitioner for a copy of Zhuan Falun. The female practitioner later told me, "That student came back specifically to get a copy of Zhuan Falun. He must have thought a lot after viewing the exhibit!" I was really happy when I heard that.
My friends were also deeply touched after visiting the exhibit. When I asked how they felt about the exhibit, a classmate told me, "Actually I used to have a very strong negative attitude about Falun Gong probably because of negative media reports I had read or the influence from Mainland China. But I was shocked after I saw the exhibit. I didn't think that even the Chinese Communist Party could persecute Falun Gong practitioners in such a way!" She also mentioned that she was very upset after she saw the photographs of practitioners in Mainland China after they had been tortured by the Chinese Communist regime. She told me that she now thinks that Falun Gong is good and yet it has suffered from slander and persecution. She encouraged me to keep working to promote Falun Gong to an even broader audience! After I heard her encouragement, I became more determined to carry on my work

My new goal is to establish a Falun Dafa Association at Zhanghua Teacher's College. Although the photograph exhibit is over, it only marks the beginning of our activities on campus. I will definitely do my best!

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