Cultivation Stories of Taiwanese Housewives (2)

A Taiwan Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | February 26, 2006

Opportunity to Obtain the Fa

[] My name is
Bao Gong. I am a 45-year-old housewife from Wai Pu Village, Dajia Town,
Tai Zhong Prefecture in Taiwan. Before I obtained the Fa, I
participated in a reading group organized by a Buddhist organization. I
made a friend there. He left the reading group after he started
practicing Falun Gong. One morning, I went to deliver goat milk to a
customer. My friend happened to live on the same street. So I went to
visit him. He was a very easy-going person, and it was so easy to get
along with him. He signed up to become one of my customers that day. A
year and a half ago, he wanted to give me a copy of Zhuan Falun.
But I turned it down because I was studying a different school of
teaching and there were still many scriptures from that school that I
hadn't read yet. There were at least 20 books and I didn't thoroughly
understand even one of them.

After I started to deliver milk to his house, I knew that my friend was reading Zhuan Falun
every day. One day he happened to be at the door when I delivered the
milk to him. I had an impulsive thought that I wanted to read the book.
He offered to give me the book. But I said that it was not right and I
should pay for this kind of book. So I purchased the book and took it
back to my house, where I started to study it.

Several days later, I finished the whole book for the first time with
no trouble. I didn't know things relating to purifying one's body. So
when I developed a sudden fever right after it, I didn't think too much
about it. I just went to bed when I felt tired. In March of 2003, I
read Zhuan Falun
again and started to practice the five exercises with fellow
practitioners. In April, I started to take the practice seriously and
practiced at home every morning after delivering milk. On my off-days
each month, I would go to the practice site three kilometers away and
practice with fellow practitioners.

Staying unmoved when our motorcycle got lost

My life is mostly peaceful and ordinary. I didn't have much of
competitive mentality to begin with. After I obtained the Fa, I
understood the Fa principle of "loss and gain" and regarded myself as a
cultivator. I took all the things that happened to me as good things
and followed the course of nature. After my daughter went to college,
we bought a motorcycle for her on a monthly payment plan based on our
financial ability. However, it was stolen in just two months. When my
daughter told me about the loss, I told her immediately, "It's a good
thing. Don't worry about it. Maybe you would encounter a dangerous
situation if you kept the motorcycle. Maybe you have to thank the
person who stole the motorcycle for helping you avoid a potential
disaster." We comforted each other and didn't get frustrated because of

Everyone in my family attended the nine-day videotape lecture by Master
Li, studied the Fa and understood that there are predestined
relationship behind all things. Maybe her motorcycle got stolen due to
her karma. Otherwise, why did she have to be the one among so many
students to be stolen from? I knew that if I got overly caught up in
it, it would be an attachment. Although our financial situation was not
very good, we stayed unmoved.

Later, my daughter watched the security surveillance videotape at her
school's guardroom and saw that an old man had stolen her motorcycle.
She said she didn't feel angry at all. I felt happy in my heart and
congratulated her. The xinxing in all of us has improved and been
upgraded. How remarkable it is! I remembered a friend's daughter
suffered from a serious automobile accident when she was in college.
Compared to that, our loss from the theft was much more minor. It is
said in Zhuan Falun,
"The hardest is the most precious." We should turn around and be
thankful for the tribulations we encounter, which can help us eliminate
our karma and upgrade our xinxing.

Be determined in cultivation of Dafa and treasure the cultivation environment

Before I obtained the Fa, I had always had doubts about religion. After
I obtained the Fa, I have believed it without any doubts. Although I
haven't met Master in person and haven't experienced any special change
physically, such as experiencing the rotation of Falun or energy flow,
I am clear in my heart that Falun Dafa is a righteous teaching and a
righteous way. I firmly believe in it.

One time, my husband was planning to attend a Fa conference with me.
But on the day before the Fa conference, he went to a party and got
drunk. He asked a friend to drive him home. If it had happened before I
obtained the Fa, I would be very angry. But this time I helped him to
clean up with a smile because from the Fa principles I know that an
ordinary person who doesn't cultivate is very weak and I can only
measure myself with high standard but shouldn't be too strict with


I didn't know about the Chinese Communist Party's persecution of Falun
Gong in mainland China when I just obtained the Fa. One day my brother
attended the nine-day lecture and some colleague told him about the
persecution in Mainland China. When he came back, my brother asked me
if it is dangerous to practice Falun Gong, I thought at that time that
we surely wouldn't have any problem overseas and there was no need to
pay attention to it. Later on, after I came back from clarifying the
truth in Hong Kong, my family members joked to me, "How come we didn't
see your name in the newspapers? We didn't know if you were arrested by
the evil police over there." I answered, "One righteousness will subdue
hundreds of evil beings. I don't think about it. A cultivator should
nobly and righteously oppose the persecution and there is no need to
worry and be scared."

As I have come to know more and more of the truth about the
persecution, I have started to realize how remarkable the practitioners
in mainland China are. The regime there has ordered all the media and
TV and newspapers in Mainland China to lie about Falun Gong and say it
is not good. Under such a severe and harsh environment, policemen
constantly go to the homes of practitioners to harass them and
neighbors watch them carefully. With such a clear difference between
mainland China and Taiwan, I treasure the environment in Taiwan even
more, where we can freely practice Falun Gong.

Clarifying the truth in Hong Kong

I talked with my husband about whether I should go to Hong Kong to
clarify the truth there. At the beginning, he suggested that I could
also clarify the truth in Taiwan because there are still many people in
Taiwan who do not understand Dafa. However, I knew that Hong Kong did
not have enough manpower and there were so many mainland Chinese
tourists visiting various sightseeing sites there. We need to have
practitioners there to tell them the truth. After we talked some more,
my husband agreed with me.

In 2005, I took my son, who was in primary school, to Hong Kong to
clarify the truth. Although it was the first time that either of us had
left Taiwan, everything went smoothly. Before the trip, we didn't think
too much and worry about what might happen to us. We just did what we
needed to do. At the border control in Hong Kong, an official told me I
had a misspelling on my document. I was taken to the side to wait for
ID verification. My son and I kept righteous thoughts, calm and
peaceful minds, and answered their questions kindly. We didn't have any
bad thoughts, were not anxious and just kept righteous thoughts. We
passed through the border control without any problem.

Before our trip, many practitioners shared their ideas. Actually it
turned out nobody's idea was perfect. For example, some practitioners
had certain thoughts about certain sightseeing sites and wanted to skip
clarifying truth there. During the process of clarifying the truth in
Hong Kong, it was also hard to avoid conflicts among practitioners. I
just tried to "cooperate" with everyone. To me, no matter where I went,
it was all good since I could clarify the truth to the precious Chinese
people there.

While sharing experiences with fellow practitioners recently, I feel
that there are still lots of Fa principles that I don't understand.
Fellow practitioners suggested that I study the Fa more. Therefore, I
have been reading the Fa more. In the past, I used to study the Fa
after I finished the housework, but now I know to put the Fa-study
first. As for sending righteous thoughts, I feel it's very abstract.
When I have miscellaneous thoughts, I just ignore them and let them go.
I am determined to cultivate more diligently and become a qualified
Dafa disciple.

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