Young Practitioners' Tales: I Returned to My World During a Meditation

PureInsight | January 23, 2006

[] One evening, while my mother and I were meditating, I saw a pond emerge from the floor of my home. A crystal lotus flower calyx grew out of the pond. The flower calyx slowly opened, and then slowly concealed itself. At this time, many Falun appeared by my side whirling about. There were also many attendants of Buddhas by my side. The one closest to me held a lamp in his palms. Some of them were dressed like monks, some dressed like Buddhas.

I went to my world: First, I arrived at a palace where I normally didn't go. This palace is rich, beautiful and grand. The door frame is made of crystal. The pillars are made of blue cornelian and gems, while gems, rubies and gold are inlaid as decorations. Red carpets are spread inside the palace. In the middle of the palace lay my enormous golden lotus throne. Above it lay my precious staff and crown. I came to the dining hall and the bedroom. The stove in the dining hall was made of jade. Above it a flower was spinning. Pots and pans made of gold were placed on top of it. Fire or oil weren't needed to cook. Big chili peppers were emeralds, carrots were rubies, the Chinese cabbage was made out of emeralds, and the ends of the cabbages were made of jade. The bedroom was very pretty, and cozy. Within the room there were a few other precious tools and utensils made of jade.

When I wanted to see my main palace, several demons transformed into Buddha figures and blocked my vision. I eradicated them. At that time I saw my main palace: The stairs and railings were all made of jade. The main palace hall had an inscribed board that carried three words. After translating it into modern Chinese characters for me to read, it read, "Main Palace." After entering the main palace hall, my lotus throne sat high in the center of the hall. All around it were jade steps leading to the throne. Under the throne were circular lotus platforms. Above it sat monks and Buddhas studying the Fa together. They made a model of me into a figure of a Buddha that sat on my throne. After seeing me entering, they all got up to greet me, and gathered around me to accompany me to the great hall. When I wanted to look around, I instantly sat on my throne. I felt a bit hungry. Suddenly a beautiful table appeared on the throne. The table was covered with delicacies, and a flower floated on the surface of the tea. There were also fishes that were swimming… After I finished looking around, they gave the image of myself as a Buddha to me.

After I came out of tranquility, I saw within my world a newspaper had been published. The newspaper was golden, the words were silver, and on it was a huge colored picture, presenting the scene of my return.

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