"Brush off the Enshrouding Dust" (Part 1): The Beginning of the Grand Universe

Xiao Lian

PureInsight | January 23, 2006

[PureInsight.org] Preface: While writing my series, "A True Story of Reincarnation," I found out that we Dafa practitioners had indeed created infinite magnificence with our great Master throughout human history and the universe's history. My mind was opened up slowly while I wrote the articles. So the articles weren't in any chronological order. I wrote whatever became clear to me. It was very capricious. Although the articles emphasized my pre-destination with the Fa in the last few thousand years and my own personal struggles, they lacked focus, that is, the true insight of the people and incidents in history. The articles I wrote were interesting stories, but they weren't useful for validating the Fa. From this article on, I am going to write about the truth of history and the righteous insights of practitioners. It is not only the history of humankind, it includes history from various levels (of course levels that I know with my very limited knowledge). Removing all the dust and returning to real history to express a practitioner's righteous insights, that is the main focus of this series of articles.

Let me start by talking about a period of time that was after Pangu (盤古) created heaven and earth and before Nuwa (女媧) created humans. When the deities created the speck of dirt that we know as "earth," they also created various life-generating environmental factors on earth. A lot of deities participated in the process. Slowly, greenery appeared on the lifeless earth. Later, forests and beasts came to be. Because this earth was created for today's spreading of Falun Dafa, a lot of care was taken to arrange things on earth before human beings were created. The history that was to take place following the creation of humankind was also arranged with much care.

At the time, many high level deities were very much concerned about matters on earth. They were split into two groups, one group wanted to help, another wanted to take advantage of Dafa's spreading in the world to conserve their own things and arranged everything in Dafa accordance to their own selfish ideas. Of course those matters were already arranged a long, long time ago. At the time, deities from both sides came to earth personally to "inspect" everything from the sky (They came to earth and thought it was really dirty so they only inspected it from the sky). The deities came in waves. When remembering the scenes from those days I am filled with emotion. The deities who wanted to be Dafa practitioners during the Fa-rectification period came to see which part of earth they should come down in. They even searched for land or mountains that reminded them of what they had seen at the higher levels (when those places were disintegrated in the higher levels, the deities who created earth took those fragments and put them on earth). They knew that one day they would create human culture with the One who spreads Falun Dafa. They also knew that the human culture had to relate to the characters of deities from the higher levels and the geographic locations on earth had to have complicated, direct connections with human beings and human culture. Therefore, many deities considered carefully and decided where and when they would become reincarnated as human beings. Those deities who wanted to take advantage of the spreading of Falun Dafa to their own selfish ends also wanted to find the most suitable locations for themselves. They took advantage of the old universe's law of mutual generation and mutual inhibition and planted a lot of negative life forms around the future genuine practitioners.

The sky over earth at that time was filled with rays of light and colorful beams. There were all kinds of deities. Some looked like elderly people in their 70s, and some looked like children who were just a few years old. One day an elderly Dragon King came upon the sky. His beard was several miles long. He was very interesting. Using a human word, he was like an "old kid." A deity who looked like a 3-year old child asked him, "How come you do not stay at your dragon palace, but instead have come here to participate in the action? The water on earth is terrible, and the sea is not as beautiful as the sky. Besides, if you come down here to the human world, the only soldiers and generals you will have are the shrimps and crabs in the ocean." The elderly King of the Dragons chuckled and waved his beard as if he didn't care. He replied, "Shrimp soldiers or crab generals are fine. It's still the human world. Besides, when the Lord Buddha comes to spread Falun Dafa, it will be such an honor to be with the Lord Buddha while he's here! If I stay in the heavens and I don't assimilate into Falun Dafa, all that is mine will be gone. So after consideration I've decided to come and take a look, find a good location in the human world for me to settle in, wait for the spreading of Falun Dafa, and listen to Falun Dafa with my own ears!" While saying that, his eyes became teary. Looking at the other deities he wanted to say a lot, but decided not to.

After mankind was created on this mini globe of dirt, a grand historical play opened its curtains. A lot of dramatic scenes have been played out over numerous years. But now the curtain is about to close. The deities from both sides must see it now. But today none of the truth is shown yet, so there are still chances. Treasure every single second and minute! Every being still has a choice to either assimilate into Falun Dafa or be against it. When we do see the truth, and when all the dust is removed, I hope none us will feel ashamed of our choices!

What was it that the elderly Dragon King wanted to say? Please stay tuned for the next article.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2005/11/18/34641.html

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