Annie's Incredible Story (4): Gold Bars, Gold Bricks and Treasure

Hang Ming

PureInsight | February 13, 2006

[] Shortly after
Annie started practicing Falun Gong, the Chinese Communist regime
started to ban Falun Gong. Because she had installed a small satellite
dish at her home to watch CCTV's broadcasts, she watched a lot of CCTV
programs that slandered and told complete falsehoods about Falun Gong.
At first, Annie was very confused, so she started reading all the Falun
Gong books repeatedly. But she couldn't find anything wrong with Falun
Gong or anything that corresponded to CCTV's vilifying propaganda.
Finally, she started taking her two kids to participate in the many
public activities in Washington, DC and New York City to clarify the
truth about Falun Gong. Although she didn't have a very clear idea why
it is necessary to clarify the truth about Falun Gong to fellow Chinese
people at first, she gradually enhanced her understanding on the
subject as she continued to study the Fa and shared cultivation
experiences with fellow Falun Gong practitioners.

Even though Annie is able to see many things in other space-time
dimensions with her Celestial eye, she feels she has a poor
enlightenment quality because she couldn't figure out the hints from
those visions until things actually happened. Teacher gives Annie a lot
of hints in her dreams. Once Annie saw in a dream that her oldest child
was playing with mud in a mud pit. Annie told him to come up
immediately, but he ignored her. Annie was furious and slapped him on
the face. As a result, two of his incisor teeth fell out. On the next
morning, Annie shared the dream with her oldest child. He smiled and
told her, "Mommy, no wonder Teacher said he had to lock Falun Gong
practitioners' supernormal capabilities, otherwise we might turn heaven
and earth upside down with a single dream by the next morning."

Annie's children and mother are also Falun Gong practitioners. Here are
a few more stories about Annie and her family for your inspiration.

Annie's older son had two very interesting dreams. In the first dream,
he saw a train with many cars. Teacher kept walking forward from one
car to another. Shortly afterwards, an attendant came out with a food
trolley. The newspaper that he sold said that the last car of the train
was filled with gold bars and gold bricks.

Annie, her mother and the two children were also on the train. Suddenly
the public address system notified every passenger that water was
flooding into the train, the train was about to sink and everyone must
leave the train at once. Upon hearing the announcement, Annie
immediately told her children to take all the Falun Gong books and
leave the train at once. But Annie's mother said, "Wait for me. I am
going to get some gold bars from the last car. I will be right back."
Annie's older son saw that his grandmother's Assistant Spirit became
very worried and anxious. Her Assistant Spirit tried to stop her from
going, but her Main Spirit insisted on going for the gold. Her
Assistant Spirit was in agony. When Annie's old son had the dream,
Annie's mother in China had not been diligent with her cultivation and
was thinking only about buying a new home all day long.

In another dream, Annie's older son saw that his entire family was
visiting a museum. It was a very large museum. There was a large round
table in the center of the last exhibit hall. There was a large pile of
gold, silver and other treasure on the table. Annie and her children
took a turn in the room. They felt bored and left, but Annie's mother
claimed that she was too tired to walk and threw herself on top of the
large pile of treasure, refusing to leave. Again Annie's older son saw
that his grandmother's Assistant Spirit was overcome with anxiety and
pain, repeatedly sighing and shaking her head in disapproval.

The next time Annie's mother came to the United States to visit them,
Annie's older son told her, "Grandma, you are doomed if you continue to
fall behind in the Fa-rectification!"

Any human thought is a giant obstacle that hampers a cultivator from reaching Consummation!

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